?deck structure bolted to poured basement wall

r1camprOctober 1, 2011

I was wondering if the beams or joists can be bolted to a basement wall. My house has a 10 x 10 basement area with poured cement walls not sure how thick yet. This area used to be for a cistern I think, It has a 6 inch concrete slab over it making it an outside porch, located at the center of the house wall. I want to add a deck next to it and tie this deck into the deck at the end of the house (around the corner and over a walk out basement), which has a ledger. The top of the slab is 2 inches lower than the deck around the corner and has a slight slope to it. I was thinking of making this new deck self standing, but it needs to tie into the other deck and will need a 2 inch step somewhere near the corner. So I was thinking of using a ledger where the height is the same as the original deck, probably 4 feet in length down the side of the house, and 40 inches wide to accomodate a gate at the step. then step down 2 " and be flush with the slab. This deck area would be about 10 x 10 and will be over a slope in the yard (about 30 degrees). I am gonna use 4 posts and piers and one more for the corner, braced good. Because this area has a sloped yard, could I bolt through the basement walls for the two beams (parallel to the house) 1/2 inch galvanized bolts with simpson tension ties? Also on a few of the joists (parallel to the slab)? I was going to use 2x12 x3 for the beams and 10" joists, piers dug down to the footers.

I hope I gave enough info on this plan.

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If it is a conventional cement wall, 1/2" thru bolts properly spaced holding a ledger board against the house should work. Not sure about attachment on inside of cement wall. Attaching to an inside ledger board would be ideal if it exists. Otherwise, really big washers or something to spread the load would be nice. Can get idea of wall composition if drill through it(if not before). If wall is for cistern and not structural part of house, I would be more concerned. Cement qualities vary and steel reinforcement a big plus for strength so hard to say wall strength for sure. Consult with deck specification website for bolt spacing etc.

2" step is awkward though I can not picture the application. Would be nice if could level out. 2" is not enough to be a true step and may represent a trip hazard to people who miss it.

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