Question about Pate Meadow patterns

anncarolynApril 7, 2009

I want to use the Pate Meadow pattern "Cuff Down" for my kitchen windows. Has anyone here used this? Is it easy to follow? I have made curtains, pillows etc., but would not consider myself an expert by any means. Maybe better than a beginner at sewing. Also, if you did use one of the patterns, did you order it online? I am assuming there is no other place to get it cheaper? If you know of someplace, I would love to hear about it. Seems like $29.95 for one style of valance is kinda high, but maybe not. Thanks for any help.


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I have made this valance, and I don't remember the price I paid, but I remember it was expensive, so probably was $29.99.

My logic was it was still way more expensive to have someone else make the window treatment, so I was still way ahead in terms of costs.

I will tell you, the pattern is basically a large piece of paper with humps! It's not very impressive when you open it up. The directions were pretty straight forward and it's all one piece. You basically just sew around the entire piece and leave an area large enough to turn it right side out. Then you attach your rings where they tell you to on the pattern and fold over the "hump" to make the cuffs. It's called the cuff top valance on their website, so I hope we're talking about the same valance. The hardest part for me was getting the piping sewn close enough through the thicknesses so it was right at the seam. Since you're sewing right sides together through thicknesses, it's easy for the welting/piping to get pulled away and when you turn it right side out, the welting doesn't lay right, so I'd have to go back and sew closer to the welting in those areas. I also used flannel interlining to make it drape nicer, so that also complicated things having an extra layer. The nice thing about the pattern is you just move the pattern across the fabric to add more "humps" if you have a wider window than the standard pattern allows. Let me know if you have any questions, I made two of them! Here's a quick picture of mine.

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I have it also and have never used it. Decided after I got it that it was just "too much" for my kitchen window but it is beautiful in others, just not mine. Mine would look too cluttered secondary to other considerations. Gosh, that's gorgeous! Yes, I think it was about $30.

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I too am thinking of getting the pate meadow pattern for the cuff top valance. However, I'm not sure if I want it on all 3 windows in my kitchen?
I have a window over the sink and then I have two standard size windows right next to each other on another wall. Does anyone have any ideas what I should do on the lower half of the 2 standard windows? I was thinking of making roman shades for them instead of the cuff top valance.

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Have you checked on EBay for Pate patterns? You never know...I know it is expensive,but it would be difficult to recreate on your own. The scallops,tie placement and calculations are invaluable. Since you are new to sewing,I would suggest to play with an old piece of fabric and do a mock up of the "cuff" portion. This keeps the stress level down and it will make you confident to cut the $$ fabric.

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Carol that is a beautiful valance! I have some in my kitchen that are similar but a goldish color. Love them.

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Nothing to offer on this topic - just wanted to say - Carol - you did a wonderful job on that valance!

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Just a little tip about sewing welting into a seam -

I use my zipper foot and a long basting stitch, and baste the welting to the right side of the lining fabric. Then I pin on the front facing fabric, and using the same foot and stitch, baste the two together about 1/4 inch in from the cut edge. I pull out about half the pins at this point.

Then when I go back to do the actual seam (also using my zipper foot, and pulling out the pins as I come to them), everything stays put. Any little minor slips don't matter when you pull out the basting row.

It's more steps, but it makes it so much easier to get right that it's worth it.

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Bronwynsmon: I sew a great deal so I purchased a cording foot. It has a groove on the bottom for the cord to fit into and then the needle can get much closer.

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Just came across this post! Thought, I've done a Pate Meadows pattern before, and there it was - I'd already answered!! LOL.

Thanks for the compliments - we moved two years ago, and my valances were left at the house.

dsar64, I had two windows in that kitchen, one over the sink which is the photo and a second double casement window that was quite long 36 x 60. I just did the cuff valance over that one too. At the time, I thought perhaps I'd put a blind underneath if I wanted more coverage, but I found the valance was enough decoration and I had a nice view into the backyard I didn't want to cover up.

If you do want to have more privacy, I would think a cafe type curtain with the cuff valance might look nice. Otherwise, I guess a roman shade would work, but I think I'd either do all the cuff or all the roman shade.

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Thank you for your opinion. I am going to take your advice and just have the cuff top valances. I also wanted to tell you how beautiful your valance is. It seems we have similar taste. It looks as if you used the same Waverly fabric as I used for drapery panels in my dining room.

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Thanks dsar64! Please post photos when you get yours done. The cuff valance is actually so easy to sew, but when hung looks so custom looking.

Just a last commentâ¦.I ordered the finials from Pate Meadows and I think they really made the valance pop. I am a DIY person to a fault, so when I saw those finials on Pate Meadow's website I knew I wanted them but thought I could "create" them myself for so much cheaper.

Long story short, resist frugality and order them! Finding the finials, then the dowl rod that is cut just the right length, stain/finishing them, purchasing the two threaded screws you need etc. I spent several trips to the hardware store trying to figure out what I needed etc. Cost wise, it was not that much cheaper to make them yourself. So I ended up ordering them from Pate. :-)

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