Deck planks cupping upward!

dwpcOctober 11, 2012

My deck contractor did pretty a good job renovating our 20' x 40' deck two years ago, but didn't read the growth rings right when he screwed down the 2x6 redwood planks. They're cupping upward so rain water puddles on about a third of them. Can and should I flip them? Is it too late? The screws are uniformly installed, but I doubt the flipped screw holes to line up with the original holes.

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A fair amount of people flip the cupped boards successfully and they'll relax back down. Before you do anything though, be sure there's a sufficient amount of ventilation under the deck itself. Poor ventilation will lead to cupping and/or unwanted movement. 24" off the ground is ideal for the most part.

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When I install deck boards I try to remember the saying "cup is up" i.e. the growth rings should be cupped upward when looking at the edge. That way when they dry out the edges bend downward.

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