Support Post Problems With an Old Deck

nerdyshopperOctober 2, 2013

The deck on our home was built for the previous owner. After over 10 years a contractor pointed out to me that the cover slats were buried in the soil under the deck. So fearing termite problems I had part to them removed to be cut shorter and then just had the rest cut off in place with a sabre saw. Then we found the deck posts were also buried in the dirt. I want to dig them out and put in cement blocks precast with metal deck post supports built in. But I don't know how to prevent them from sinking in from compacted dirt under them. Is there an easy way to do this repair that I haven't thought of?

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Is this a ground level deck? Because if not, assuming I understand what you're referring to, you can't use those precast blocks in place of an actual footer.

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Some areas it was common to bury the posts, with a concrete footer below the frost line. However, the building department in this area required you to use .40 CCA (ground contact), instead of the .25 (above ground). CCA is no longer available to the general public. It was replaced by ACQ, which I'm not at all familiar with.

Being your deck is 10 years old, no doubt it was CCA. Any concern would be if it has .40 retention. No way of telling, unless you can find a tag with .40 on the posts. However, they normally tag them on the ends.

I think maybe you're getting a little OCD about the posts. I'd just sleep easy and forget about it, unless there's something besides a contractor that is shaking you up.

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