Doors doors doors! Looking for a contemporary style

annkathrynApril 29, 2012

I'm in the process of planning a major remodel to a house I just bought. There's one area that needs all new interior doors. I'm looking for a paint-ready door in a somewhat contemporary style. I need interior doors, a couple of French doors, and a door to the garage and would like them to be of similar style. I like the style of 5-panel doors like this, but what to use as French & exterior doors? I'm not crazy about the look of the door on the right in the 2nd pic.

The office door needs to have clear glass, maybe something like this:

Should I go with stained wood instead?

Here's a possibility for the 2 exterior doors:

Here's the plan, 2 of the doors are indicated as windows.

#2 exterior door with window & doggie door in laundry room 2'8"

#3 interior door to laundry 2'8"

#4 interior door to bathroom 2'6"

#5 closet doors in office 2'4"

#6 interior door to coat closet 2'0"

#7 door from garage to hall 2'8"

#2 (labeled as a window) French door to office 2'8"

#5 (labeled as a window) French exterior door from office to deck 2'8"

Is there a single manufacturer that has everything I'm looking for?

I also need a new 5' front door, but since that's far away from the rest of these doors I'm not so worried about it matching.

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I like the stained wood. Some of the most wonderfully modern/ contemp spaces have juxtapositions of texture and color. I personally think bringing wood and glass into a space helps keep it from becoming too sterile. i see what you mean about the door you dont care for. I don't get a contemp vibe from that one at all.
I did a google search under various terms with your criteria and had a nice list of hits. Seems shipping costs are one thing to keep in mind. (often the box stores can get the same doors for less shipping).

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I also think the wood and etched glass door looks contemporary and wonderful. I hope you post your choices and eventually their pictures in situ. I want to see the inside of a house belonging to any of these doors :-)

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Thanks for the votes for stained...I think! They're at least twice as much as painted. DH wants clear glass for the office interior door, not etched. We're reconsidering the window in the office exterior door, we could maybe just use a solid door, which can match the garage entrance door.

Any ideas for the laundry room exterior door?

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Did you come to a decision? I do like the stained wood/glass lites look. Where did you find that, and for how much?

We're also remodeling a modern style home fairly extensively. It had no kitchen cabinets and 5 bathrooms had no vanity cabinets and 6 had no toilets or shower heads, needs all pool equipment except heater, etc. No bank help for remodel as it was well past the conventional loan limit to start, and renovation loans are rather inflexible. The cabinets alone are $50-75K, before counters, removal of walls for open plan, enlarging tiny kitchen window, redo of ceiling to remove soffits and tray ceilings, new sinks, faucets, shower and bath faucets, toilets, BBQ island components... you get the picture. We're trying to keep the remodel under $200k. (I was initially hoping for $75k... Haha!)

The house inexplicably has 4 panel traditional style interior doors, and the entry door and garage doors are craftsman style and must go. The cheapest euro modern door quote for the whole house was $22k less garage doors. That's from, who has reasonable pricing, about $6k for 8' tall double entry doors, prehung, about $688 or so for a slab style 8' high prehung door with matching jamb and moldings, $100 more with frosted glass insert. We went to the showroom in Huntington Beach and all the wood species are made of oak, stained to look like wenge, walnut, etc. But the finish quality didn't knock our socks off, and the horizontal metallic strips are ABS plastic, look really cheap. Also the doors with glass lites look good but there is an angled bevel rather than a square or eased edge which would be more modern looking, and the matching moldings have rounded edges. If you're building new, you could consider drywall corner bead inserted into a groove in the jamb, a great, clean, minimalist look. Not a great option for us because we have 3.5" existing jambs we have to replace or redo corner bead and do drywall touch up on every single door.

I'm trying to contain the ballooning cost, so I was looking for cheaper ways to get the look I want. I'm considering getting plain solid core slab doors and paying the lumber yard or a carpenter to slap prefinished wood veneer on them, but I don't know if this will actually save money after the custom work and matching casing.

For the entry doors, there are door lite kits available that could convert solid core slab doors into more interesting looking doors. I found these first on, and now they even have ready made doors too, though only in 36 x 80. But I would really like a brushed stainless steel door, at least outside, with wood veneer on the inside matching my interior doors. Milano Doors does make this but it's $6K for a double set, which is more than I'd like to pay. I'll talk to my metal fabricator about modifying a kit door.

Let us know if you decided anything or found any great sources.


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Hi davidahn yes, we've decided on doors and have ordered the laundry room (exterior) door already. We're going mainly with Masonite 5-panel for the interior doors. There was another brand of 5-panel doors at the door store, but it wasn't nearly as nice as the Masonite - the panels were much shallower and the detailing looked cheap. The stained wood doors were just way over our budget.

Masonite Doors

For the office where we want glass, we decided on a single beveled glass pane. We'd considered the fossil and ting ting styles from TruStile TSL 1000, but they were nearly $1000 more than simple beveled glass (range was $600-1600). We also got a quote on Simpson ready-prime 8001 with a single pane of glass, using clear beveled, natural leaves and pampas reed. These were $600-$900.


Simpson Doors

For the front door we're going with Therma-True CCM200 with 2 10" side lights, model ID CCM3300SL. We'll use the Ashurst glass. It's around $5000.

We got quotes from our contractor's preferred door supplier and also from a smaller company referred to us by a friend. The smaller company was much less expensive for the same doors. It pays to shop around. If you're in the SF Bay Area I can give you the details.

Here is a link that might be useful: Therma-True

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Wow, thanks, Annkathryn! That's a lot of info. I'll look into it. I know our quote from Milanodoor was about $6K for 8' high entry doors, either double or single with dual side lites. We got other quotes that were as high as $12K for a pair. I got a glass garage door quote for $6K each for 8' x 7' doors. That was before I found out ours were 8' x 9'; I'd hate to see THOSE prices x 3 doors!

At this time I'm leaning toward getting the doors custom made for me at the suggestion of someone on this board who said custom doors aren't necessarily more expensive than factory. I really like the glass door model from because it is glass from top to bottom! I don't think it'll have very good acoustic properties, but wow, what a look. (See this gallery: I'm probably going to see if my cabinet guy can make something like them. The horizontal lines on these doors look cool but are metallic colored ABS plastic, not very high-end looking. I'll probably get either stainless or aluminum strips.


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Those Milano doors are very cool, davidahn. If you can get custom made for you that are exactly what you want and for the same price as factory doors, that sounds like an ideal solution.

The good thing about the Therma-True doors is that they have a fairly good selection to fit into 5-foot openings. They're not particularly modern though.

We briefly considered a walnut door from Jeld-Wen, but dropped the idea when we found out it would be $7000 for a 5' front door.

Here is a link that might be useful: Jeld-Wen Walnut

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That Jeld-Wen Walnut door is pretty cool looking. It's kinda out there stylistically for a major, established company. Surprisingly risky, but maybe not, since it's probably built to order.

I get that something that brings beauty and pleasure over 10-20 years is worth more than the cost to produce it. But the premium charged for "pre hung" doors with matching jambs and moldings are kind of ridiculous. I think they should be included in the already substantial cost of the door. That's just my opinion, though. A door manufacturer would disagree. :)

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Remember that the door to the garage from the house has to be fire rated.

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We just remodeled our house all new interior and exterior doors. Crossmore by Lynden doors. They are nice quality, the style can work in traditional or transitional decor. Link to the door:

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Yes, the door from the garage to the house will be fire rated. We were able to get a Masonite garage door to match all the others downstairs.

Pretty doors, rtwilliams.

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Greetings. Your post seems to attract my attention and I might help you answering this problem of your. Kindly visit this link that might be useful to you on deciding what kind of contemporary interior doors you like:

The interior doors offer by Dooremporium are made from the best materials that will surely fit in any type of interior decor layouts. Satisfaction guaranteed.

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Hi AnnaKathryn- found this old thread whilst researching doors and of purse I'm not surprised that its you! I seem to always find your threads and relate to them. Wondering what you ended up using for the French doors? I love the 5 panels you chose. Do they make those in double doors?

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Hi drybean, it's cool we seem to have similar styles, maybe we're long-lost twins?

We decided not to replace the existing French door because we have a dog who scratches at the door and the existing one was ok for now.

We're happy with the 5-panel doors downstairs. I have no idea if they come in double doors but a good door dealer would be able to tell you. Link to Masonite below.

Here's a distant shot of the Therma-Tru front door we chose - I can take a better picture from outside if anyone is interested.

Here is a link that might be useful: Masonite doors

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Thank you, as always, for your thoughtful reply. I called my local door dealer and I can't get that Masonite door in the sizes I need. I need very narrow double doors (16" and 18"). Maybe I'll get those for the bedroom doors though.....

Your front door is gorgeous! I love all that sunlight streaming in.

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I've received several emails asking for information about where I bought my doors, but I can't respond directly because the posters do not have their emails enabled through GardenWeb. Here is additional information:

We purchased all of our doors and casings except for our front door through Viking Door in San Jose. It's the company that our general contractor uses, so it was easy to coordinate everything with them. We bought the front door and all windows ourselves from Greenhouses Etc in San Jose - it's a very small shop and their prices are good.

Greenhouses, ETC
1085 S De Anza Blvd.
San Jose, CA 95129

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