How does a white fiber glass pool have blue water

SunnypagirlJune 28, 2011

We just had ours installed, finished yesterday today is filter hook up, but I just don't understand how that water will look blue???? Maybe we should have gotten a blue color, I'm afraid this will look like a white bath tub with clear water.

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It reflects the blue of the sky. Don't worry, it'll be blue. Unless you've got roaring rapids in there, you're unlikely to have white water.:-)

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Ours is a light blue... inviting and gorgeous... and at night when we turn the colored LED's on... all I (and my neighbors) can say is WOW!!!

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I've been looking at pictures of white fiberglass pools on so many sites and I do see blue water, but I was expecting ours to turn blue right away, it's right now green because the filter is not running, they hooked it up today but now we have to wait for the electrician to come. I know I have been driving my husband crazy becasue I keep saying it looks like a big white bathtub, I won't be convinced until I see blue water, I actually have myself so sick worrying about this water not turning blue. I have no roaring rapids, lol. Jersey pool, is your pool white or blue fiberglass, I misunderstood your post. Thanks for the posts.

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We've just installed a white San Juan Stardust model 37 x 16.

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It'll look blue for sure, but it has nothing to do with the reflection of the blue sky. If that were the case - what color would the water be during an overcast day?

In the simplest terms, water tends to absorb the red spectrum of light while scattering/reflecting more of the blue light which your eyes see.

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Okay I will take your word for it that it will look blue, when it's all cleaned up by the installers I will try and post a picture on here. I don't know the design of our pool, it's just like oblong with the sides protruding a little, it has steps on one end and on the other end there is a seat. We did have an above ground for years then last year it broke and water got in our laundry room and family room, so my husband always wanted a fiberglass so it was his idea. Our back yard is such a mess with all dirt, I just cringe at all of that. I don't know how long we have to wait for the concrete to be put around the pool.

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Yep, our backyard was a war zone when the PB's were finished with it. We finally got tired vacuuming the dirt out of the pool, so we purchased sod and put it in ourselves. I've attached a picture of our white fiberglass pool taken this morning. We've got a chlorine generator and we balanced the water with a few chemicals, but haven't had to do much else. You'll see, the water stays a light blue... Let me know if you have additional questions!

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This pretty much covers it.

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Wow Jersey Pool that is beautiful, Good idea about the sod, I might mention that to my husband, he wants to plant grass but that will take forever, was it expensive for the sod???? Our pool isn't that big because of the size of our yard, your water looks absolutely beautiful and blue. I just found out that we have a light in the pool, which will be nice for night time swimming and some kind of sprinkler type of thing that will springle water in the pool. My husband is busy redoing the planters that were messed up in the yard, he's into all that rock type of thing. Thanks for posting the picture. Anothe question, we are getting the concret around the pool, is it extra to have it like yours, they look like individual blocks if I'm not mistaken.

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Sod can be cheaper (and a quicker end result) than seeding and waiting for the lawn to grow! The trick is to try and find a sod farm around you.... they're pretty plentiful here in Central Jersey. DON'T buy from garden centers or home improvement centers that don't grow their own, as they'll just tack on a profit, and order it from the same sod farm anyways!
The farm we used has two varieties. The cheaper one (which is in our picture) is Kentucky Bluegrass that they sell for $0.22 per sq ft. delivered!!! Their "expensive" sod (I forget the name) was $0.24 per sq ft.

That's $110 for 500 sq ft. The big box chains wanted $200 for 500 sq ft, and then wanted to charge $35 to deliver!

We put it down ourselves, and it was tough (dirty, heavy) work over two days... but it's already holding to the ground real well with regular watering.

What's around our pool is actually stamped concrete, colored, textured and made to look like slate blocks, but at a fraction of the cost. We didn't have that much money, but we needed a retaining wall closest to the house, which required steps up to the pool level. The pool contract stipulates 3 foot of regular concrete, which we could've gotten, but you really only get one time to do a pool build, so we wanted to spend the $$ and make it look nicer... We're SO happy we did the stamped concrete. They poured, then used these giant rubber mats with the "slate" pattern in it. Plopped it down, stepped on it lightly, and then placed another down next to it... all the way around the pool. It was probably the neatest thing to watch (other then when our fiberglass pool was craned over our house... on a VERY windy day!!)

Hope all goes well with yours. Post some pictures when all gets done!

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i plan on hydroseeding bermuda after my deck is poured.

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I showed my husband the picture of your stamped concrete and he told me to print it out to show the guys when they come and do ours, I really like that. Also he is sold on the idea of sod now, but he wants to go to a landscaping company and get an estimate. I think he is afraid if we do it, it won't take.
As for your pool going over your house, that is scary on a windy day. The first pool company we went to two years ago told us that going over our house is the only way they could get a pool in our yard, then WE would be responsible for having the power lines taken down so the crane can put the pool over our house, we nixed that idea. Then last year he went to another pool company, the guy came and said they can bring a pool through the side of our house and our neighbors but we had to have permission of course to use his driveway, which he said was fine. That is why we had to settle too on a smaller pool, one like yours Jersey Pool, would never have fit through the homes.
I'm waiting patiently now for all this to be done, the pool was supposed to have been installed in May, after lots of phone calls and visits to the company they came last week. I will post pictures when everything is finished, I appreciate all your help. By the way I did look up on Wikipedia that some one posted and after reading that and seeing your pool, I'm convinced our water will be blue. I worried for nothing.

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Haha... Windy day pool installation fun:
(No structures were harmed in the making of this pool... but it came close!)

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That is close, so it actually came across your garage then???? Our homes are much closer together so that one company said it would have had to come over our house, that was too scary to think about. The guy came today to show my husband about the filter etc. I'm still not seeing water as blue as yours though, ours is more greenish looking. Not murky green but green tint. I think I need a few barrels of blue food coloring then I'll be happy, lol.

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Oh yes, I'm sorry, it went over the garage. The PB kept saying "the house", but that would've been much more difficult! I don't think I would've wanted to watch that happen!

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They came today and showed my husband how to work the filter and they put the chemicals in and I really do love the color of the water, why was I so worried, lol. I was watching hgtv before and our water is the color of the beaches in St. Maarten. Very nice and inviting, kind of happy we didn't get the blue color pool. Hopefully next week they will install the ladders and cement around the pool, they were backed up because of all the rain we had. Then comes the sod and I will post pictures of our pool. By the way, how do you post a picture on here, do I just copy it and then paste it on here????

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Most people open a free account over at, then upload photos from their computer. After the pix are saved to Photobucket, copy and paste the third option right in your posting here, and your pic will show up automatically. Play around with it, it's pretty easy.

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Okay I'll try that, I never heard of Photobucket, I will see if I can upload pictures on it later, thanks.

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Finally they came today to measure out for the concrete, then the inspector has to come before they pour the concrete, then comes the sod. I can't wait for it all to be done. Our back yard is mud, we had a few rainstorms on Sunday dumping 4 inches of rain in one day so our backyard was looking like another mud swimming pool, we were holding our breath so it didn't go in the pool. We are so thankful it didn't go in the pool, others in our area were hit really hard, some people landlocked. I'll post pictures when it's all done. It's so nice and blue!!!! lol

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We got hit yesterday here in Jersey with a huge rainstorm. Water was at the top of the skimmer opening when it was done... I had to drain two inches out of the pool when everything calmed down (but we went swimming today!!)

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