Backsplash going in. Now I'm doubting it.

drybeanMarch 5, 2013

Hold me.

I debated on this white tile against my off white quartz counters, and decided to go for it. But I am not sure it looks quite right to me. I'm planning on light gray grout.

I know that I probably should have lived with it awhile before
Pulling the trigger. But the entire wall behind range is being tiled to ceiling, and hood can not go in until tile is in, so DH was pressuring me to make decision. He would say I always try to find a way to blame him. ;-)

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Now that I'm looking at it more, I rather like the dark lines. It gives some contrast so that maybe one won't notice the cool vs creamy white. (Maybe? Hopeful.)
Perhaps I should do a charcoal grout instead?

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"He would say I always try to find a way to blame him. ;-) "

LOL - boy does that sound familiar in our house!

Not an expert but I think it looks fine. Do you have enough 'extra' that you could quick mock up a couple sample boards with different grout?

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I very much like it. And in 6-8 years you'll probably be glad you didn't go with [put the color du jour here].

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I also think it looks fine and I agree with the suggestion to mock up some different grouts. Your grout choice might really affect how cool or warm it feels next to your counters.

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it looks good/don't know what the overall look of the space is...but that seems a nice backdrop....appreciate it for that!

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I think it looks great. Love the stacked look. Think charcoal would look good but agree you should probably do some mock ups.

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Maybe a "silver" color grout, if you think the charcoal too much contrast on mockup.

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The tile and countertop look like the same color on my monitor so I think charcoal would be OK, but if not the same color....well....I don't know. What color are your cabs and floors, what style is your kitchen, modern?

It's always hard for me to judge these things when the photo is such a close up especially in this case with the light and shadows. Can you back up and take another pic so we can see it in context?

I've been looking at quartzite too; can you please tell me what kind that is? Thanks.

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Thank you for all of your feedback.

I think doing a grout mock up is an excellent idea. I'll go buy some tomorrow.

It is hard to tell from the photos due to the lighting, but e counter is definitely more creamy white vs the stark, high gloss white cabinets. I thought that it was perhaps better to try to then go cooler with the white tile, but now I'm afraid it makes the tile look dingy.

Here are a few more photos:
It's hard to tell with the blue protective film still o cabs. I don't want to remove it until everything is done.

The range wall will be tiled to ceiling with hood and walnut open shelving.

Island-the quartz is quantra quartz in Corfu. Kitchen is modern...I like MCM and my house is of that era, although definitely not architecturally interesting like a true MCM home.

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I quite like it! I am not sure if I would go too dark with the grout as the narrow tiles may give it an overly busy or grid like appearance but I could be wrong. Can you photoshop the grout to different shades?

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I think it is perfect with your counters!!!

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In fact I like it exactly as it looks now, so I'd personally try to make the grout that color that appears from the shadows - silver grey?

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LOL I have never seen a kitchen with the protective film! I thought you had a very modern looking blue kitchen going on there!

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Oh my - that backsplash goes so well with your cabs! Wouldn't doubt it a bit but grout however I find to be unnerving as it can change things so much so I'd still do a mock up for peace of mind.

I also didn't realize the blue was a film, was thinking ultra contemporary! Hahaha!

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Tinan-I didn't even think about the darker grout making it too busy. I think you're right, specially now that I have a big wall of it!
I got a couple of colors of grout today, but I need to wait for the install to finish so that I can play around with the extras.

Autumn and ellendi-lol at the blue cabinets! It's the new thing!

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drybean - would that happen to be an induction stove there? Mind sharing details? I think the freestanding induction is in my budget but sadly that slick slide in is likely not! :( Have you cooked on one before?

Looking forward to seeing your grout mock-ups.

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What about grout that is kind of like the floor color or perhaps even a light creamier grout?

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I love it! I think it looks great. I would definitely do a light grey or off white grout.anything too dark will look busy busy busy.

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Autumn-it is! It's the Electrolux slide in induction with double ovens. Although the 2nd oven is just the bottom drawer, but should still work for cookies, roasted veggies, etc. We haven't really had a chance to fiddle with it too much yet-it was just hooked up on Monday. I'm super stoked about induction cooking especially for the ease of clean-up. This house had an induction cooktop when we moved it, but it was literally one of the first US models available-installed in 1981. Only one burner worked, and not very well. I think the only thing I ever made on it was eggs.

I got a screaming deal on this unit from an overstock dealer. It's new, and I probably could not have afforded it full price either. I found the unit on eBay after a tip from here to search there for appliances. The guy was within an hour drive so I talked DH into going to pick it up.

Nosoccermom-I like that idea a lot. I picked up a grey as well as white shade. I'm thinking the white may be just TOO much white, and introduce yet another shade of white, but I'll definitely post the photos for opinions.

Amanda-thank you! I think you are right that dark would be way too busy. I'll pos pics with white an d gray colors.

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That's going to look great! I would probably personally go with white, but I can understand the difficulty in matching whites, going through that myself right now! I am putting in my white subway BS this weekend, I'll be doing brick pattern and only up to cabinets/range no full wall.

A light gray will probably look great too. That big wall would end up looking like a grid with dark grout, so I'd vote no to that unless you want that look.

Having just poured concrete over my dark charcoal-gray grouted (dingy) white tile countertops that I hated, I might just be a bit too biased against the dark!

Busy busy busy tile with dark grout:

Bye bye tile countertop... now just waiting for the BS to go in (have finished the rest of the painting of cabinet doors...just no pics yet)

Look I am going for with matching grout to tile

Here is a light silver grey grout that also looks very nice in a large area she used "Mapei Keracolor grout in Silver"

So I think either light gray or white will work great for your BS!

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I would use a gray grout. Traditional installations of subway tiles always used a gray grout. You want the definition between the tiles without having them stand out too much which would happen if you used a darker color grout.

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I love, love gray, but I was thinking that if your counters are creamy, to try a white but more creamy grout. On my monitor, your floor looks also more towards the grayish beige colors. But, honestly, it will look gorgeous.

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OT: drybean you are giving me hope! I will have to scour on line to hopefully find one in budget (build is next year so I have some time). I've already gotten my dh to allow the stretch for a gas slide in but then when you switch over from gas to induction it's another hefty hike and I'm sure he will balk! Thanks for the info!

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