Keeping rain & snow out of screened porch

brandeischicOctober 28, 2013

What products are out there That are easy to use and out of the way to do this? I found a couple of places that do vinyl roll up shades - but it still seems somewhat involved and some of them are pricier than I would have thought. What ways have people come up with to do this? Would exterior solar shades with a tight weave work well enough? Would wind be an issue?

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Last year we finally broke down and put roll-up vinyl shades on our much-loved screened porch and now wonder why we waited. They keep out rain, snow, wind, and also heavy pollen in the spring. And we have been able to extend our use to all but the coldest days.

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cmg01, we have the same rain & pollen problems with our screened in porch too, could you post the brand of vinyl shades you used and which store (Lowes/HD?) or internet site at which you bought them? Thanks!

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