Pebble Plaster Has Strange Discoloration

mrs_fluffJune 12, 2011


Anyone out there experience a problem with their pebble plaster wherein it became discolored in spots? It's not quite like a stain but more of a faint but noticeable darkening. I bought the Jack's Magic stain ID kit and none of the chems produced a result. Now I'm left wondering if these are not stains but rather a problem with the plaster itself. I was told the pebble plaster got better with age and that it lasted a lot longer. As it is, this was a replaster (in 06) from plain white that was not done properly in 04. Within 2 years of building the pool, it became apparent that the white plaster was defective; black stains started showing through due to the plaster being too thin (or at least that's the line I was fed!). They didn't remove it but instead plastered over it with the pebble mix (which I chose in order to avoid future problems!). The "stains" aren't very noticeable in the sun but much more on a cloudy day. I pray this can be corrected!!! Thanks!

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I would think that the defective plaster should have been chipped out before applying the pebble mix. Do you have a warranty on the pebble mix ?

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