What color to stain new deck

enjoyingspringOctober 4, 2009

We recently had a small deck put out our back door. It is not expensive, made from pressure treated wood. Our house is red brick. My husband can't decide what color to stain it or should he paint it.

What color would go good with red brick.


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Here is a picture of my deck, might give you a better idea of what I should use to stain or paint my deck. Thanks.

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I'd either stain it a medium to dark brown, to contrast with the red brick, or paint it white to match the house and window trim. I wouldn't try to make it match the brick.

In choosing brown or white, you should take into account not just your preference in aesthetics, but the fact that dark will be warmer on bare feet while white will be more reflective of sunlight. Depending on what side of the house the deck is on and how much shade there is, you might not want hot feet or too much reflection.

You might also try posting this in the Home Decorating forum. They're good with color advice.

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To me it depends on where you are physically located. A dark color will 'collect' more heat than a light color, so if you get a lot of sun and don't want to swelter, choose something lighter.

And I wouldn't stain - I would seal!

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