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cakelady_2010June 25, 2011

We recently had our Inter-fab X-Stream 2 slide delivered. We assembled the slide for the PB to add the anchor bolts. The slide kit included 2 3/4" anchor bolts with instructions to use a 3/8" masonry bit to drill the holes with the slide moved to the side of the marked locations for the anchor bolts.

The PB chose 5" by 1/2" bolts instead and ran into rebar during drilling the holes with the slide in place over the marked locations. So 2 of the 11 installed bolts are at an angle and 2 are sawed off level with the deck. The 2 that are sawed off are right at either side of the steps so it is unstable back and forth with attempt to climb the stairs. The large bolts made the holes bigger that were made to accommodate the smaller anchor bolts.

The PB scheduled someone with their company to come out yesterday morning to reattempt but did not show.

The PB wants to move the slide and re drill all bolts to miss rebar. 2 of the legs have to be plumed to 90* and the step leg has to be at 16* for the slide to function. There is not much play in our deck to move it without being off of the deck. Is it possible to tap out these bolts that are at an angle?

Or is it possible to make a hole into the 2 sawed off bolts to install the smaller 2 3/4" anchors bolt someway?

Any feedback would really be appreciated. I have no experience with anchor bolts in concrete.

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Here is a link with a closer picture of one of the bolts.

Here is a link that might be useful: Katy/Richmond TX Pool Builders

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cakelady 2010,
The slide manufacturer uses the specified bolts because that's what's engineered for it.
The bigger, longer bolt does nothing to help. The shorter bolt probably wouldn't have hit steel.
Check the instruction sheet for the proper location and depth of water to install the slide. Your picture shows a poorly located slide. No concrete area to step up to the slide steps and it appears to dump into the pool almost perpendicular to the opposite wall. Check the dimension from the slide to the wall against the instructions! Also check the water depth.
It appears that you have Kool Deck and some other concrete topping that is easily repairable if you move the slide. Good luck.

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Thank you Golfgeek. I think my picture created an illusion. I doubled checked the envelope depths and length to the opposite wall and we are good. They recommend 13'.6" length from the side of the pool out, minimum of 3' depth under the exit that increases to 4' that has to be maintained for at least 9' along the centerline of the slide for a total of 13' 6" long from the side of the slide wall out into the pool. Our depth under the exit is 5'1" and runs out to 4'5" for the length of the envelope. I wanted it to dump out shallow enough for an adult to catch someone younger but deep enough so children would not be standing at the exit point of the slide.

As far as concrete area around the step up, I'll add flagstone around the edge of decking for kids to step out when using the steps.

Any thoughts on if it is possible to drill a hole in the bolts they sawed off? It would be nice to keep the slide in it's current place.

If I would have been here, I would have tried and stopped them from using bolts that were not supplied with the slide. The directions underlined with the size of masonry bit to use and proper depth of the bolts were left along with all of the hardware needed.

Here are a few more pictures that show a better angle and the bolts.

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cakelady 2010,
Never tried to redrill stainless steel bolts. Can't imagine it would be easy. Might be easier to turn the base 30 degrees and redrill holes. Good luck.

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Great idea golfgeek to turn the base. I had not thought of that.

Looking at the foot, it is the one that has a slant inside to make the 16*. Either of the other 2 legs would have worked out but not on the one with the sawed off bolts.

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