Pebble sheen in the rain...

StaycJune 27, 2011

Will anything happen to the surface if it starts raining during the installation of the pebble sheen?

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Not unless it's a hugh gulliwasher.

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Well let's hope that doesn't happen then! hahaha

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Not a pro, but I don't think so. We were just pebbled this afternoon - under sunny skies - however, it seems like they almost continuously were using these little spray guns with water (?) to keep the surface wet.

Try not to worry too much. Or you'll become obsessive. And neurotic. Just.Like.ME!

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Hahahah...thanks banana fanna! I just didn't know if it would create little divits/dents or stain the blue or whatever..but heck ...I am over obsessing..hahaha Can't wait to see your finished pool though!

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normal/light rain- no worries
hail- worry some.
skittles- call the crew off.

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