Deck roof/pergola, no room for posts along house

thegarrettpOctober 10, 2012

My goal is to install a temporary roof over my back deck for winter use and BBQ. Temporary so I can have full exposure in summer, and make it go away when I sell the house in 1-2 years. I don't have any room to mount a ledger, or put a post on the house side. I've done this with an 8'x 10' coverage two years ago, using a mickey-mouse wood "L" for the soffit bracket, but would like it to span the whole width of the deck this year. I've gotten some confirmation of my approach from these posts:

My plan is:

  • Using 10' sections of corrugated metal roofing

  • Support beam to span 12' (maybe 14') made of 1 1/2" EMT conduit or sturdier pipe

  • One 4x4 post in far corner of deck

  • Constructing brackets that I can lag-screw into the underside of the soffit (into a soffit joist) to support the back and side (3-4 in back, 2 on side) (friend is a welder)

  • Roof will slope down towards the back, drain onto the roof/into the gutter

  • Purlins to span back and front parallel bars using 2x2 or 1x2 lumber

Curious if anyone has done anything like this before? Is this truly too weak for a temporary structure? I just had my roof re-done so I don't want to disturb any shingles by roof-mounting. I don't really care if it falls apart in a windstorm as long as it doesn't damage my house.

Pictures are below of current, my design for the soffit brakcets, and bad paint scetch of it's coverage. Thanks for any comments/suggestions


End View (looking from yard towards deck/house):

Side View (looking from left side of deck towards house)

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Oh, I live in Seattle, so I'm willing to take my chances and not be concerned about any snow-load. Just rain...

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