Handrails and Ladders

doylineJune 13, 2011

I noticed there are not very many handrails or ladders in the pics of the finished pools. Mostly they are on the vinyl liner pools. Does anyone know why this is? We are building a vinyl liner pool, and I am curious. Do I not need a handrail?

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The vinyl liners don't lend themselves to accomadate benches. Metal walls would require special design and perfect measurements for the vinyl.
There are probably some out there. But it won't be the norm.
Most gunite pools will not have rails. It's mostly the asthetics.

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Fori is not pleased

Mine has the steps and rails, but it was built in '61. They do seem to be unfashionable, but they remind me of my childhood in groovy mid century pools so I don't mind. (I was not a mid century child--just the neighborhood!)

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You can do whatever you want. But if you have a deep end pool you must have a exit point from the pool regardless of the material used. Look at the link below of some of the examples that you can do today with a liner pool.

Here is a link that might be useful: Pool examples

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Our deep in is 6 ft. There is a 8' acrylic Sunledge with Stepout on one side. So I guess I really don't need a ladder down there. A handrail at the shallow end would be up to me.

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Have you looked at the colored corrdinating rails?

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We don't have a ladder in the deep end because we have a swimout, but we did have them install a hand rail at the entry steps. It can be removed, but it's not something you'd do regularly. We kinda like it, so it'll probably stay in. The idea was that when my FIL visits using his walker, he might be able to get into the pool with the hand rail and maybe a cane or some help.
But we had to pour the concrete base for it before they put the pavers down. It has two posts about 6" apart, and looks like a "P" that has been pinched out and elongated, and hangs over the pool. No attachments inside the pool.

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