What would you do with this living room?

skubaApril 30, 2013

Hey guys,

the forum has been very helpful so far for the remodel of our new home. I would like to get your opinion on how would you set the living room?

What I am thinking is:
- TV/stand to left of fireplace
- Sofa bed on the big wall opposite of window. Issue here is that there is a vent there. I guess I shouldn't block it.
- 2 armchairs or a loveseat next to the window at an angle.

We do need a sofa bed for guests and don't think we can have a 2nd full couch anywhere. Don't think I would want a couch against the window.

On another topic, there are current 2 wall lights, but I am thinking of closing them and putting a ceiling fixture.

Any thoughts?

See pics attached on this and next messages.


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one more pic

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one more

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Could you post dimensions?

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That is a really pretty room! I don't have any suggestions other than to not put the tv next to the fireplace. (And I would probably swap out the mirror).

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Maybe a chaise in front of the window? That's what we are planning to put in front of our big window.

Here is a link that might be useful: Houzz room with chaise

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I would try a swivel rocker with floor lamp on the wall where you were going to put the TV. Would be a nice "reading area" to see TV and watch the fire. Try the TV on the wall where the vent is. Maybe either a long console under the TV or two bookcases on either side of the TV. Sofa in front of the windows with end tables and lamps. Upholstered chair on the short wall opposite the fireplace and a nice big plant between the chair and the end of the couch (either end..).An area rug in front of the sofa and if room, a coffee table. A colorful peice of art over the fireplace would look good with sofa pillows to match the colors in the art. Nice pull drapes on the window...maybe white.....(IIf you keep the white walls)

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Hey guys, here are the basic dimensions.

I guess if I need to block the air vent with a couch I can try to put a reflector that throws the air to the side or down under the couch?


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I really like grandma's idea.. Trying to find a deflector to fit that heat vent might be almost impossible. Leave the wall lights alone & put them on a dimmer & you'll have a wonderful cozy room.

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Another vote for Grandma's idea. I imagine you may be hesitant to place your TV opposite the window in case of glare hitting the screen. I would suggest in addition to the panels framing the window to also use woven wood shades that can be raised/lowered and filter the light if needed at certain times of day. Mount both the panels and the woven shades outside mount just under the crown moulding to raise the eye and make your ceiling feel taller.

You have some wonderful bones to work with. I look forward to seeing your progress.

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Guys thanks for the feedback, but I need to add some stuff to put in context.

I think there are many reasons to not put couch against window: We would want to view through the windows when seated, not have our backs there. Also we don't want to block the windows. A couch would block the lower portion of the window. But the most important reason - It's noisy outside. It's on a hill with a stop sign right next to my house, the bus (muni if you know SF) stop right in front, brakes screech and there are other noises when bus stops and etc...

So being on the other wall has many advantages.

Now, the vent could be an issue. I measure it today and it's at 87" on the LR entrance. I could put a 80" - 83" couch there without obstructing the vent, but couch would be pretty close to entrance, just maybe 4 to 7" clearance.

Or I can center the couch on the wall and just put it a little off from the wall so it doesn't completely block the vent. Or could I deflect the hot air under the couch?

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Another suggestion.....put your TV in front of the windows on a low console....couch on vent wall. You can get a vent deflector that covers the vent and then has a longish flat tube like thingy that comes out the front of the couch....not sure where to get them but am sure someone knows. We have our TV in front of the windows (we do have another double window on another wall) and works for us...we have the "dreaded" vertical blinds on our windows...lol.... but works for us as the best possible room arrangement.

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Sophie Wheeler

I don't see this as a TV friendly room at all.The proportions are wrong for watching. Too long and narrow. It would make a nice formal living room sans TV. I'd do a smaller loveseat on the vent wall and a big cozy chair and a half on the short wall next to the fireplace. A couple of more gracile and delicate chairs in front of the window with a sparkly brass glass topped table to pick up the light from the window.

Or, the only way that I could see this working for all of the focal points that you want to maintain (TV, fireplace, window) would be to split it into two separate areas. 20 x 10 would yield two cozy spaces rather than one awkward one. One could be smaller, like only 8 x 10 and clustered around the fireplace. Like maybe a couple of club chairs. You could then use a chaise lounge on the long back wall and face it outward to separate the two spaces. Then do a smaller sofa facing the opposite short wall and TV. Hang a flat screen on that short wall by the entry. Using it as two spaces de-emphasizes the window, but you have to pick your battles here. You're not going to be able to have all three retain equal importance in a layout here. Pick the 2 out of the 3 that you want to feature.

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Thanks Holly but I have a hard time visualizing you idea unfortunately. Do you think you can draw it?


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Yes, I'd love to see that laid out. It sounds intriguing.

So far, Skuba, I'm imagining this as a wonderful, intimate room for heavy living, with a lively, inviting view outside. The sort of room for which not being large is an advantage. Since the central wide area is a perfect size for one good seating group, I'm imagining centering one there and placing ancillary functions on the ends of the room. I love multifunctioning sitting rooms.

So, wall next to fireplace with flat screen TV above a very charming but rather quiet chest chosen to create a picture with the fireplace. The TV would give all the contrast needed, with the black picked up in little details in other places, although this would be a great place for a piece of genuinely nice art that opens to reveal a TV.

Sofa bed centered on inside wall, pulled out slightly, which looks nicer anyway. A handsome light scale side chair by the entry end of the couch.

Maybe a pair of loosely placed armchairs casually framing the window view on the other side. A foot stool for one? Side tables and lamps for each, or a low table in the middle (strong enough to sit on) only if that felt good. There should be room somewhere, though, to walk right up to the window with a glass of wine or cup of coffee and look out. Do you have a similar view in another room, or would this be a good place for a little dining/game table and pair of upholstered swiveling chairs?

On the wall to the right of the entry, something such as a handsome large chest, bookcases, and/or desk (on the wall or angled across the corner)? Art for sure. One or two lightweight chairs (including desk chair?) that could easily be moved in or brought together for conversation, or left in place for the guest who feels more comfortable in the background.

Sconces? No to leaving one on each wall, messing up other opportunities, but a pair could be wonderful in there properly placed flanking something important. I'd keep them on the list, just not in place. :)

Wish this were my room. It's very nice.

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Rosie, thanks so much for your suggestions. I think we are on the same page. One thing I might consider is putting the couch on the middle of the room facing the TV and a bench/table behind it. That way it's a better angle to watch TV.

But about the sconces. I was with electrician today and I need to tell him what I want to do in the living room. I look at those 3 wall lights (sconces) and wonder, where would I put pictures? They are each in the very middle of each wall. Pictures would have to be offset to the right or left of the lights, unless I move those sconces higher on the wall.



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My thought is that sconces could never be THAT nice. :) Their positioning in the middle of each wall seems meant to obviate the need for art altogether. A minimalist look. Up wouldn't solve the problem even if it looked good, and moving requires knowing exactly where you want them, which means deciding on the placement of everything else. Now, lamps can go anywhere any time...

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