Aggregate --- Will it cheapen the look of my house?

building_a_houseOctober 16, 2012

I am thinking about using exposed aggregate ($1/sq. ft) for the front and rear porch of my custom home. It is in a wooded lot and I personally like the look of aggregate but wondering if it would cheapen the look? Should I be looking at alternative products like stone, slate, etc?

Let know your thoughts about aggregate. I know its "inexpensive" but is it also "cheap"?

I know that someone will say "If you like it just go with it" and I understand that thinking. I am just trying to make sure I don't make a major mistake before I choose it as an option on my multi-hundred thousand dollar custom home.

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I had it in an upscale neighborhood as did many neighbors. The area had significant restrictions on lot coverage for ecological reasons. Pavement and house footprint counted, but surfaces that allowed rain to sink into the ground did not. Unless there is a barrier such as a few inches of compressed powdered granite or something similar under it, eventually weeds grow through it meaning that maintaining a neat appearance requires weed killer applications. Cheaper up front and more ecological, but higher maintenance.

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I have never heard of weeds growing through concrete. Are we thinking of the same product?

A floor like this is what I am considering...

Here is a link that might be useful: Aggregate Floor

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I thought you meant a crushed stone driveway. Do you mean concrete? If so easy to be upscale, since can finish surface to look any way you want it to (just costs more)

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I meant the exposed aggregate concrete. Should have been more specific.

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Around here it's the higher end look for driveways and sidewalks.

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