Finished my 2nd "George"

bee0hioFebruary 25, 2014

I bought this pattern from George Siciliano in 2010 when I took his class in miniatures. It is named "Interstellar Suite", measures about 16" x 18", with 169 pieces in each of the 4 blocks.

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BEE, I LOVE IT!!!!!!!! I started working on this one at a group sewing event last year and had to put it away. It required more attention than I could give it in a group setting.

I love how you started each block with a different color. I might take that idea to mine when I get back to it.

This encourages me to get back to it. TFS

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That is attractive to me, too. And, I have been planning to do something small one of these days. It's gorgeous.

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It's gorgeous!

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I agree - Gorgeous! How many hours did each block take you - do yo know? I also like each center & spiral a different color.
I love this --- great job!

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Awesome work !!!..This takes true's beautiful.

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WOW! I am impressed. That is beautiful, but I so couldn't do it.


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That is really beautiful!

Best to you,

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Bee,that is stunning! I've made 3 of his patterns. I really like them!

Was it a kit or did you pick the fabrics?


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Those are incredible blocks, Bee. Absolutely beautiful. That must have taken forever to finish - at least, it would have taken me forever. Lovely, lovely.

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Thanks so much for your nice comments.

Jennifer, I'm the same way when it comes to sewing in a group sew with something tedious... I can't focus well. I hope you get back to yours.

Magothy...I don't know exactly how long for each block. Maybe 10-12hours over several days? There is lots of cutting & sewing for sure! Then there was the "unsewing" when I missed the mark, that added time.

Msmeow, he had the fabric kitted up in different hues of rainbow-like colors...pastels, jewel tones, & these sort of autumn-y colors. I love these & with the black it really pops.

The other one I did was "Glow in the Dark" done in shades of purples & greens w/ black. I think it was actually more difficult & time consuming.

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That is amazing!!! I love patterns like that, and especially on a black background. I will have to add that to my quilting bucket list. TFS

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I do so admire work like this. It is something I would never ever attempt and those who do deserve a medal. Truly stunning.

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