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p3arljamOctober 10, 2012

This is a photo of my covered front door entrance. During the warm months i have a serious problem with spiders and other bugs all over the the entrance. I use a broom to clean them away but 2 days later its a mess again. This is also my first time owning a house with vinyl siding and here is my question. I would like to put another door(screen or glass) flush with the opening of the entrance way to keep the bugs out but i am not sure how i would go about attaching it to the vinyl siding any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Doors do not attach to siding and should not be attached through siding. If needed, Siding is cut out at attachment point and a proper wood frame is built attaching to the house. Most common attachment for a storm door or screen door is direct attachment to the preexisting door frame. These stick out in front of the door frame and avoid having to deal with siding since attached to existing surface wood.

Alternative and less formal is to get one of the rolled up screen doors that only need to attach to one side and latch to the other. Still need to cutout siding on attachment side and put molding (similar to what there is around window frames around the sides of the place where the door attaches to the house frame.

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