How long to back wash ?

billarchJune 1, 2012

We changed over to a sand filter a few years ago (from a DE) and I do not think I have mastered the length of time it takes to back wash.

Everthing I have read says that the view vial will be cloudy and to backwash until it is "clear". I also check with a glass jar at the end of the backwash hose.

Some writings say 2 - 3 minutes, others say at least 5 minutes.

My question is: HOW clear? Just until it is "not cloudy", OR so that there are NO particles in the backwash water. It seems like it takes forever until the water is absolutely particle free. I fear I am being too anal.

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You just have to backwash until the water in the glass is clear, there may be some particles still in the bottom of the glass. This usually takes just a minute or two. Then when you rinse, those particles may be washed out of the glass but it doesn't matter, again rinse until water is clear, usually 20-30 seconds. Then switch back to filter.

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Clear Cloudy Clear in the site glass and your done then rinse as stated above....

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thanks, looks like I've doing it too long

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