Many thanks from a lurker....

kiddo_1October 24, 2009

I have lurked on this forum all summer and just wanted to say thanks for all your interesting and informative threads. I've read a lot of deck adventures, successes as well as pitfalls. I would not have been able to make informed decisions about wood preservative, etc. had not I visited here.

Here is a link to give you a peek at how my arbor rebuild turned out.

Meanwhile...back to lurking. ;-D


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I am a twp fan but never used the 200 series,intersting.

I have to say Mel,you total lucked out with the Craig pretty good deal.

I am not a big fan of the recycle thing, that is being used on the same project even if the wood can be resurfaced its still as old as it is. On the flip side I save a lot of torn out decking in fact I framed both of the roofs of my shop out of used pt 2x6.

I think you done good Girl!!! Be sure and keep up on the finish Good Job. Jhon Mon

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Go kiddo!

I enjoyed reading the details of your rebuild, and was impressed at how you reused/recycled everything, and your fixes for the hinged gutter access and poor original construction. I can't believe someone nailed a ledger board to brick! Wow....

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Thanks, weedy... Yeah, it sure was an adventure. A lot of work, but turned out well. Next year I really do think I'll flip the deck planks. I'm sure that there will be more 'original' surprises underneath. Got $ says we'll be having to anchor the underneath ledger board too. And from what I can determine about the piers...well, just wish me luck. I'm going to need it. LOL

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John - Thanks! As for the wood, I'm not worried - it is sound and should now last even longer with the preservative on it. Thing is with TWP is that you can't put it on 'thick'. When the wood stops sucking it up the extra stuff just lays on top and you have to dry-brush it off.

Sure, probably there were more 'coulda-shoulda' steps bypassed, but I didn't want to make a career out of that arbor. There is only so much me to go around. LOL

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