TWP's new wood surface preparation for 1500 stain?

ntruroOctober 18, 2010

I live in one of the 16 states, where, for environmental reasons, I cannot buy the 100 series. So I'm planning on using the 1500 series stain. Below is a cut-and-paste of TWP's recommended surface preparation for the 1500 product. The following three things surprised me: the long wait time before applying the stain, washing the wood with 1:1 household bleach to water mixture, and power-washing the new wood.

Will the wood grey during the long exposed wait time? Will the bleach destroy the lignin in the wood? Will the power-washer remove the outer layer of wood fibers?

Anyone have experience with this product and process?



New wood should be allowed 4 to 12 months

of natural weathering before finish coat

application. After aging, wood should be

cleaned with a solution of 1 part household

bleach to 1 part water. The bleached surface

should be thoroughly rinsed with water, power

washed and then allowed to dry a minimum of

48 hours in good drying conditions before

finish coat application.

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Welcome to the world of twp management. They train the folks on the phone like talking birds.

Do not wait for anything but good weather to put the finish on a new deck.

Do not use household bleach on any deck.

Do not use a powerwasher on a deck at all.

There is no reason to wait 2 days before puting on the finish under good weather conditions.

Why do they do this????? I do not know . I have a Gemini plant 20 miles from my house many many times I have talked to many many twp mangement/phone girls/ sales reps with the same result. Akkkkkkkk Akkkkkkkkk cant do that Akkkkkkkk Akkkkkkkk Back on the perch.

One thing twp does not lack is R&D, those guys are really sharp there is just a disconect between them and sales. I am glad to see the 1000 series coming back years ago that was bad a@@ product but it was put on under shop conditions its a good thing to see it up and running again.

I suggest you do a test with it put it on a short of your decking and see what happens. Jon Mon

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