Privacy panels OUTSIDE pool screen enclosure

craftycOctober 4, 2008

We have removed the overgrown jungle of plants outside our pool enclosure..which, while providing good privacy, had gotten completely out of control! (live in Florida where EVERYTHING grows!!!) We now want to put up several privacy panels outside and then put up hanging plants on them, and mulch on the ground. Does anyone have any pictures of something like that you have done, or any suggestions? We do not want fencing around the whole thing...just a couple of panels. Thanks for any suggestions, comments or ideas you might share!

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I saw where they made frames out of 2x4's and attached wire mesh inside the frames. They hinged the panels together,(4 panels about 3'x6'), and angled them similar to a room divider. The wire mesh was used to grow vine type plants. They anchored them down so the wind wouldn't catch them. I would use an exterior friendly wood such as redwood or cedar for the ground contact to keep rot down or mount them on stakes to keep the frames off ground if using something like fir or hem fir.

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Where did you see the frames and wire mesh. I want to make a porch "rail" like this and I cannot find pictures or the correct wire to use.

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I saw it on a show on hgtv. So long ago but I think they were finishing up a blog cabin project and it was part of the landscapers deal. You might check into hgtv's archives. Another route would be to visit a metals shop in your area that carries metal mesh panels. Call around. Out here masonry suppliers carry metals products such as panels and sheet goods, angle irons,etc.

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Thanks for the info!

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