Can I put my pool equipment in a greenhouse?

Fori is not pleasedJune 23, 2011

Or rather, can I put a greenhouse over my pool equipment?

I recently moved my pool equipment and would like to put a shed or something over it. I'm also thinking of tearing down a greenhouse and putting in a smaller one somewhere and...well, you know.

Would high temperatures (probably under 110F) reduce the life or performance of the pool equipment (heat pump, filter, pump)? It would not be a very humid greenhouse and I would not store chemicals inside it.

Bad idea? Thanks!

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In my neck of the woods it's against code to have pool equipment in an enclosure that has a roof on it.

I'm in southeast Michigan.

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Fori is not pleased

Really? I wonder why.

Before I moved mine it was in an open shed against the house (and partially obscuring a window--very classy) but it wouldn't be the first thing against code here.

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banana_fanna's because the gas heater needs to vent.

That said, I got a bid on a (roofless) enclosure this morning - $2400.

22 linear feet of aluminum/vinyl w/ one gate. Gulp. Gotta look for an alternative. We're near the end of our pool build and my pockets are empty.

And yeah, that pool shed blocking your window? Sweet. :-)

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Fori is not pleased

Hehe. Gas I'd want properly vented for sure, but we don't have gas. (We would if we were still in Michigan though!)

$2400? Wow. I think I'd be looking into slapping together some prefab fence panels from Home Depot for that.

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A heater does have code requirements for indoor installations but it isn't banned/forbidden.

Typical requirements include raising it off the floor so if a gas leak did develop, since NG and propane are heavier and tend to sit low near the floor, the elevation would prevent the heater, if fired up or if it has a pilot, would make an explosion less likely, being on a fireproof platform, venting exhaust gasses outside and away from windows to prevent CO2 accumulation, and providing for an adequate incoming air supply. Local codes will vary but heaters can be kept in an enclosed room.

Ask yourself, where is the home heating system kept? Its a very similar situation. Boilers and furnaces are in the house, a form of enclosure.


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Fori is not pleased

Thanks Scott. I don't have any combustion going on, no gas heater. Just a heat pump (which might have to go outside on second thought because it's kind of large).

I guess I'm wondering if being in warm, slightly humid air would have a bad effect on all those plastic bits.

My greenhouse would probably be cooler and definitely drier than a New Jersey summer. :)

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Pumps/motors for pools are designed to be placed outside. They generate heat and without proper ventilation for the room the heat will intensify and probably be more of a problem.
Best protection is to make sure you have good drainage at the pad, keep the area clean, and don't store chemicals near the equipment.
PB's in areas that have large snowfall may have other advise for keeping snow/moisture out of the motors.

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Heat pumps must be outside. They depend on fresh air from which to suck heat from and to exhaust the cooled air they generate. They also generate condensation.

Pumps, given adequate ventilation, may be covered, but as gg suggested, inadequate fresh air will raise the temp of it's environment. Heat is the enemy here.

My pump and filter are sheltered from rain and snow in a small pump house with both high and low vents. My heater is just outside that.


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Fori is not pleased

Thanks guys. I had to ask! :)

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