pool heater, motherboard always powered or not?

mongoctJune 24, 2011

Replaced the motherboard on my pool heater (Raypak R2100 400k ASME) this year due to overwintering mice. I've since sealed up any cracks and crevices into the motherboard compartment to prevent any more critter fun.

When I bought the new motherboard, the sales guy asked how my heater was wired up. It was installed by the pool company and wired up by an electrician who does a lot of pool work. He wired the heater through the intermatic timer so when the timer kicks ON/OFF, power is either supplied or cut off to the pool heater's transformer.

In addition to that being how power is supplied to the heater transformer itself, we've always used the pool heater's ON/OFF switch as we use the heater:

If it's not already running, flip the switch on the intermatic timer to turn on the pump, that in turn sends power to the heater's transformer. Then turn the heater's ON/OFF switch ON. Then set the mode to SPA, set the temp, and let it fire off.

We use the spa about 4-5 times a week for about an hour each time, so the motherboard gets cycled on/off that many times as well.

The question (finally): The sales guy said he thought the heater should be wired/powered independent of the pump timer and the heater's power switch should always be in the ON position for the entire heating season. This will result in the motherboard being powered and the LCD display being illuminated 24/7 from April through November. Then when we want to use the heater, use the heater's mode switch "Heat SPA/OFF/Heat Pool" combined with the selector to call for heat.

So...am I okay as it is now? Or is the better way to have it hot-wired and always ON? Or does it just not matter?

Thanks in advance!

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Dunno if it matters, but my Raypak is wired independently.

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