What to put in a sunroom!

LesliePApril 3, 2012

We are moving to a house with an all year sunroom. I like the idea of using outside furniture in this room. I found a wicker rocker that swivels, but the reviews were not good and the chair was not cheap, as were several other chairs I looked at on line. Now I am re-thinking this whole idea. How would you furnish a sun room. Three side on the room are nearly ceiling to floor glass windows. Right now I have nothing for this room which I will spend alot of time in. So comfy is most important.

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This is the worst time of the year to buy wicker. They know you want it so the prices go up. lol.

I'm a sucker for wicker though. Plants, you need lots of plants. Wicker and plants. Yum!

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How visible is the sunroom from other rooms in the house? What is it adjacent to? My sunroom is separated from the formal living room by a full wall of windows (making the sunroom essentially four walls of glass. The two rooms are closely related so they are furnished in compatible furniture (slightly more casual in the sunroom, and definitely comfier than the LR) and as though they were separate areas within the same very large room.

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The sunroom is at the back of the house. A large doorway from the kitchen leads to the sunroom and it can be seen from the living room and dining room. I am not seeing good reviews on swivel rockers which I find so comfortable and great to see different angels outside, and they seem very expensive.

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How big is your sun room? How much, what kind and style of furniture are you wanting in there? What's your budget? All those questions should be answered before you can really start to shop. Do you have a picture to share of the room and it's surrounding rooms?

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Try Googling *sunrooms* then choose images.
Anyone want to share pics if their sunroom?

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What will be the use of the sunroom? So many people buy wicker just for the look and most times it's not comfy cozy. I have a sunroom and I have my orthopedic zero gravity chair and a table with swivel seats so you can look out the windows or play a game at the table. Think hard about how you will use it and how many people will be in it and what kind of chairs etc. you will need. I'm not a matchy type so I create my own style. Comfort is key for me and then color and balance.

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I think this room will get a great deal of use. It looks out on a beautiful yard and bird feeding area. I like the idea of swivel chairs so I can look here and there easily. The reviews on outside chairs were just awful and at 900.00 that's not acceptable. The room is about 14x16. It has a peaked ceiling painted white, light grayish carpet, which will stay for the time being. I am open to all ideas, but it must be comfortable and usable, not a show room.

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Ours also has a cathedral wood ceiling, and is off our family room. Our wicker pieces are from Lexington Henry Link, and have loose cushions, but upholstered seats underneath(don't know what to call them). I think the uncomfortable wicker is wicker bottom with a loose cushion on top. Ours are extremely comfortable. Here's mine a couple of Christmases ago. I usually use an indoor-outdoor rug during spring and summer since this is the room through which our 2 dogs enter the backyard.

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Our sunroom is used almost every. single. day. of the year. One of our favorite places. It's kind of like a den for us. I do have a wicker loveseat and chair in there and had new cushions made from upholstery weight/size foam (like you are sitting on a regular upholstered sofa). Had those slipped in barely off-white. We also have a leather chair and ottoman in the room, a drop leaf table that stays folded down but is great for additional dining seating, a small coffee table, a side table and a hoosier cabinet which holds alot of my potting supplies. I have roman shades that are never more than half closed (at the hottest time of summer) and a sisal/seagrass (whatever) rug on the floor.


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Here are some inspiration pictures and ideas.

Here is a link that might be useful: Sunroom decor

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Since you say your sunroom is an all weather room, I would treat it more like a sitting room with comfortable upholstered furniture, lamps for reading and lots and lots of plants. A small table to eat breakfast at.....would be nice. Live in your house for awhile and see what evolves. Some outdoor furniture is not comfy enough for indoors but that is jmho.

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We have exactly the same set as deeinohio, in different fabrics, and with the addition of an ottoman. We find it extremely comfortable and use it probably 5 months of the year.

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I think Deeinohio's room is really beautiful! I agree that some outdoor furniture is not that comfortable, and since I have just begun looking I am surprised at the cost and think maybe I should think "indoor furniture". I have not bought furniture in quite awhile, and not in a rush. I think "living in the house for awhile" is a good idea, but I am so excited. A sunroom was always a dream of mine. Since we can't get into the house until end of June, I will see what end of summer sales on outdoor furniture are and probably decide then, if I can wait that long!

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We added a 20x12 cathedral ceiling sunroom to the back of our house 20 years ago. It's heated but we generally close it off for winter and hunker down in the LR w/ the fireplace or in the FR w/ the gas fireplace. In New England these rooms are sometimes called Florida Rooms! Ah, yes, but in the winter all the windows make it a bear to heat!

Not shown in this picture is the large wall of windows and the wall w/ the sliding door that leads to the deck-where our grill is.

We have a rattan set, consisting of a sofa, loveseat, chair, end table and coffee table. We also have a glass dining table w/ four charis in the room.

The room is accessed from double French doors into the kitchen and from a single French door into the living room. We use it year-round when we entertain.

The furniture cushions have been recovered once. We love the comfort of the rattan with the full cushions:

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Thanks for sharing! Someday...LOL

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My "sun room" is on the north side of our home, and adjacent to our den. I had a similar feeling when furnishing it, and opted for two wicker daybeds to put under the windows, to allow as much light as possible into the room. On the third wall is a wicker porch swing. There is a table lamp and floor lamp. We just had two (small) family members use the daybeds to sleep in while they were here for 3 days, and we sometimes take naps in there. Wicker is a natural choice!

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We have two -- one up and one down. The upstairs one is off of our bedroom -- we have an armoire with computer and TV in it and two leather chairs and an ottoman with a table between. There is a table on which I put plants in the window facing east.

The downstairs one is off of the dining room and is our "breakfast room" -- so it has a wooden table and chairs and a sideboard. Plants live there in winter but not in summer . . and it has a brick floor.

We have a screened in porch and that's where our wicker lives.

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How would I furnish an all-year sunroom? We have one, and we plan to furnish it and use it as if it were simply another rooom in the house - which it is, when you think about it. It's only partly done, and some of what's in it will probably be moved elsewhere anyway.

But for what it's worth: along part of one long wall, which is stone and which separates the room from the living room, there is a Japanese tansu. In front of it, on the stone floor, a gabbeh carpet; in front of the carpet and near the windows, quite a lot of plants. Along the short wall between tansu and plants/windows, a Shona sculpture on a stand. All those things will probably stay in the room.

All those things are in one half of the room. A door in the long stone wall basically bisects the room lengthwise. The other half has been set up as an office and contains little that will stay in the room when it's finished. Our plan is to finish furnishing the room with additional things that are "regular" house furnishings. Possibilities include a couple of comfy upholstered chairs and a small table where the desk setup currently is. We might also add a sofa to the side of the room with the tansu. The whole point in our case is to integrate the room with the rest of the house and to have a comfortable place to sit, read, entertain, etc.

However, your room might be sunnier than ours. (We have two sets of windows in one wall, and two skylights, and that's it.) Since your room might be quite sunny, how about either "regular" upholstered furniture that's slipcovered or, as others have suggested, wicker or rattan? I'm not a big fan of wicker or rattan; I think they're over-casual, often do not work with what's in the rest of a house, and sometimes not very comfortable. But they do have the benefit of working in very sunny rooms.

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