New to DE and need help

sassvoorJune 10, 2011

This season I purchased a new EC40 filter for our 18' pool.

This spring we had a great deal of rain in NY. Currently the chlorine is high and the Ph around 6.8. Our water is bright green so the pool store suggested a black algicide. My problem is that the water flow drops off as the pressure climbs per the Hayward Perflex instruction sheet to the point

that I only get four hours run time from the 4Lb. DE charge before I have to dump(two bump cycles in the four) it. Because of that I am afraid to let it run 24/7. Is this to be expected? Is it safe to cut back on the amount of DE? When I drain the filter the DE comes out in green globs. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Sharon

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Cant help with the DE issue.
If you have a cholorine pool, I say forget pool store algae crap. Use Chlorine to the kill the algae.

Read this.
If you follow that guide, algae will be history.

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What goyom said. Head to It'll be the best decision you ever make. You need to use chlorine to kill the algae. Algecide is ok to prevent algae but won't get rid of it once it is there.

And yes, you'll be backwashing often at first as the algae dies off. Once you get it to shock level and keep it there though, the algae will be dead and the constant backwashing will stop.

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Thank you. I learned a lot from the article. I almost wish I had stayed with sand as I do not want to be bumping the filter at 3am but one learns.

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Can you see the bottom of this pool?

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No, currently unable to see bottom of pool. Only have to dump DE twice in my 16 hour run cycle and only bumping twice in each 8 hour shift. Water is appearing better around edges. Saw net down 3 feet. I just did not realize DE took so long.
Also at first it came out of the filter as a slurry. Now it comes out in clumps.

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It sounds like whatever they had you put in your pool has clogged the grids. Try removing the grids and hose them off and then recoat with DE as soon as you start the pump.

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