Birthdays in March - 2011 - Birthday Block Exchange

sandlapper_roseFebruary 9, 2011

We have lots of March Birthdays in the Birthday Block Exchange so I am going to go ahead and post them now. When you send or receive, please post under the individual's specific listing so we can go to the one place to see the status. Everyone is doing a great job this year!!!

Piece of Cake

March 24 - Marsha (magothyrivergirl)

March 29 - Jeanne (sandlapper_rose)

Make a Wish

March 18 - Eileen (equilter)

March 24 - Paula (paulah_gardener)

Ribbons & Bows

March 1 - Fay (faytay)

March 3 - Sally (salijo)

March 27 - Mary (tuppermom)

That should be it, but as always, if I forgot someone, please let me know.


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Wow! We had better get busy!

Fay - Can the jeweltone fabrics be marbled or TOT or do you want them to be solid colors?


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Sending this back up towards the top. I don't have any of my March blocks made so I need this reminder as much as everyone else does. I admire those of you who work way ahead of time... so "not me", I guess! LOL With the early March birthdays though, I need to get to those blocks right away.

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I am not fussy... marbled, solid.. same fabric or a mixture. Surprise me ^_^.


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Will do! Thanks

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Normally I would not be reporting on the March birthdays this soon, especially with so many that fall late in March, but as you know I will be helping with the triplets soon so I decided I'd better so this now before I don't get to it. Please don't get concerned that if your block is on the way, you are late. I am not saying that. In fact, I think all that have not been received are on their way. For the birthday girls, just remember to post to your thread when all of your blocks have been received and maybe let Kristene know as well so she will be able to determine that March is complete.

Piece of Cake
March 24 - Marsha (magothyrivergirl) At last count, Marsha had received 9.

March 29 - Jeanne (sandlapper_rose) Jeanne has received from 11 people and is still awaiting her block from Cindy.

Make a Wish
March 18 - Eileen (equilter) - Complete
March 24 - Paula (paulah_gardener) From the postings, I believe Paula is still awaiting a block from Cathleen.

Ribbons & Bows
March 1 - Fay (faytay) Complete
March 3 - Sally (salijo) Complete

March 27 - Mary (tuppermom) From the postings, I believe Mary is still awaiting blocks from Cindy and Robbi.

Thanks all for being so great in trying to keep the schedule. You have made things easy for me and Kristene. I'm sorry I won't be able to wrap up the count for the month of March, but Kristene will be here to assist you. My husband will be here at our home so no problem with any mail still headed my way.


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I have received all my blocks and they are fantastic! I was late picking them up from the post office.

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