QOD Feb 7th, your bucket list

toolgrannyFebruary 7, 2011

Do you have a "bucket list" of quilts you'd like to do someday? I know lots of us have piles of fabric to turn into a quilt some day by color, maybe pattern, but do you have a specific special pattern or technique that you hope to do someday that is your ultimate - when you get time, when you get better at it, when all the kids are grown and you can do whatever you want, whatever.... ??

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Great question!
I have a huge bucket list. It's more about patterns and colors than techniques. I keep my list on GoogleDocs so I can access it from anywhere. LOL

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I want to make a large (queen) Storm at Sea. There are many that I like, but I haven't added them to my Bucket List.

beverly (who is still having problems logging in)

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I have a list, too...on the bulletin board over my sewing machine! Though at this point my bucket list is to actually make all the quilts I have either started or bought kits or collected fabric for.


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I'm like Donna. My bucket list is to complete UFO's/WIP's or at least get them to the 'ready to sandwich' stage. I don't know what I was thinking when I bought kits!


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Geez, Louise....this is going to take some thought....later..

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I have a list that would fill a big bucket. Most of my things are with the patterns/fabric/thread - ready to go... just not enough time to do it all. Recently I finally got the binding on 3 of my quilts sewed and completed. I actually did one quilt binding while my other half watched the super bowl. I am not a fan of football but this sure helped me complete something! Great feeling. NOW -- I need to go and get that list worked on.

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Yes and #1 is to finish all the WIPs and UFOs. After that it's Shakespeare in the Park, Tennessee Waltz, Hunter's Star, and on and on. Many will likely never be done but it's fun to dream. Good QOTD.


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I have such a list! The top of it is a Pineapple quilt. A REAL pineapple not the Pineapple Blossom. Someday... When I'm not so busy I guess. I'm not sure what stops me from making it.


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Shakespeare in the Park and Storm at Sea are both on my list too!

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I can't say I have a list--but would like to try something in the bargello style, the patterns from the "farmers daughter", and the "dripping diamonds" that was on a little while ago. I have been thinking about the postage stamp idea as a lead/ender but can't visualize not using the same fabric sometimes. Jayne

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I've always wanted to do a Feathered Star, a Tennessee Waltz, and a Mariner's Compass - Yeah, right!

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Improved Nine Patch ( pastel colors and white in the nine-patch, on a white background, alternated with plain white, so the 'stars' float, and lots of quilting.) I have bunches of other things--Feathered Stars for sure, and I've flirted shamelessly with Tennessee Waltz, but the Improved Nine Patch has pushed it's way to next in line.

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I have had a bucket list of projects and goals I've compiled, added to, completed and worked at before the term ever gained prominence. A quilt was on it. I fully expected five years ago to make A QUILT. lol. I had carried the directions around for perhaps twenty years for a tumbling block. The original not-so-easy design with Y-seams and all. I made a twin bed puff quilt first, because I needed one and didn't want to spend a fortune if I could find one, and then set out where angels fear to tread, completely quilt ignorant and made one and hand quilted the finish. It was a gift for my mother and it was completed and given to her just in time to use on the last night in her own home, before she moved in with me and she died just ten weeks later.

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I have always liked Garden Twist. In fact, my sister and I decided to have a Challenge quilt and that would be the pattern. That was two years ago and to date, not one piece of fabric has been cut by either of us. But SOMEDAY...!!!!

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It's that someday that makes it a bucket list, isn't it. Quilts I can do right now and are easy don't count.

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I wondered where Beverly was!!!!! Hope your log in probs are over, I have them sometime too.
My bucket list includes Feathered Star, Double Wedding Ring, Star Spin. I want to learn to do hand red work embroidery, bought the thread 3 years ago and it is still in a drawer lol!!!!

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Red work is great for trips and relaxing outside or sitting around with other friends who are doing handwork, knitting or crochet. Fix you a zip-lock bag with that thread, some white muslin with patterns drawn on in pencil, scissors and needles, plus a hoop and you will be set!

For my bucket list: an Ocean Waves in blues and greens, a red and white quilt, something in batiks - maybe Shakespeare in the Park, I like that Tennessee Waltz pattern too! I've always loved the Pickle Dish pattern, so maybe someday? I want to study up on the Kansas City Star quilts and do some of those patterns.


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I love hand work so this summer when it is 100+ and too hot to quilt I am going to try it.
I saw a gorgeous center redwork block with a red and white Log Cabin and I want to make it sooooooooo bad.
Also work on my hand applique.
There are so many I want to do!

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Where do I start??? Every time you guys post a picture of a quilt, I want to do it as well! There are so many to choose from and such little time. I already have a carpenter's wheel quilt done from my dh. I just need to learn how to do stencils and feathers, so that one may sit for a while, LOL!! I have the muslin for a cathedral window quilt. I also have the fabric for a quilt that looks like a chess board, but need to work on my machine applique skills before I do the quilt. I'd love to do a log cabin quilt. The pattern I have uses a jelly roll, but haven't found the "right" fabric for it. I have so many patterns of ones I also want to do, but where is the time??? I'm determined to get my UFO's done before I start any more. My current project list is 5 quilts, so I think I have enough started for now.


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Thanks for thinking of me, Rosa. I'm still having problems, but Tamara is working on it. I still stop by everyday, just can't always post.


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You are a vibrant part of this forum Beverly so your posts are always missed lol!!!!!!!!!

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