22 year old redwood deck

juliaannscottOctober 9, 2012

We have a 1400 sq ft redwood deck around our house. Have used penofin oil, silver and blue can every 2 - 3 years for the last twelve years. I have always done it myself but this year I had a professional look at it to do and he wants to charge $2400 to clean and oil! He is insistent that all the black needs to come out..... I don't care about the looks of the black but is it hurting my deck? I would just wash it with water , nozzle, and oil. He wants to use soap, power wash ect. Then oil. All I want is to protect my deck, I'm not trying to make it bright and pretty! Maybe all the black color impregnated in the wood is helping to preserve it?? The wood is in pretty good shape...

Should I worry about getting all the black out or not...

Please help,

Thank you,


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Has it ever been sanded?!?!

My construction-heart RW deck is 16y/o, & I've sanded the floor twice, & steps removed THREE times and sanded.

It still looks very good!


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Thank you Faron!
No, I have never sanded it because I don't want to lose any of the thickness as it is supposed my lifetime, about 30 - 40 more years.........never know.....
Anyway I just need to know how clean do I need to get it before I oil it again??? Is just washing well with water enough or do I Need to use chemicals? I don't mind the color.
Thank you everybody that reads this:-)

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Redwood is fairly soft so power washing could be damaging if not done carefully. The black stain, if not surface mold, is a reaction of the redwood rot-resisting chemicals with water, and probably permeates the wood, at least in streaks so washing isn't going to remove it all. I recall the black stain being resistant to oxalic acid, so bleaching it may not work either. Sanding can brighten up the wood, so long as it isn't overdone trying to get all the stain out.


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