Saltwater spa vs. Chlorine spa?

golfingffJune 8, 2011

Hello, I am currently in the process of construction on a owner/builder spa and I was wondering if anyone could help me out with an important decision to make. We are trying to decide whether to go with saltwater system or traditional chlorine. We have done a lot of research on this and it seems very difficult to determine which one would suit us more appropriately. My wife's big concern is that she has read that the saltwater can be an issue with paver decking longevity? Also, she is wondering whether the saltwater would be harmful to some of the surrounding plants in the area. I am leaning towards a salt system and she is leaning towards chlorine. Any help from owners of both would be appreciated greatly!

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They both cost about the same in the long run, salt can eat up natural stone if not sealed.
Salt is nice on the skin, both use chlorine as the sanitizer.

Salt and plants? I have 2 hibiscus, 3 queen palms, 2 roses and other assorted Texas natives all around the pool that receive at least a 3x a week splashing during the swim season.

They dont seem to mind at all. The salt concentration is only 3000-3500 PPM.

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Thank you for the response. Good input/things to consider

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Our salt pool is over four years old. We have Sydney peak flagstone, not sealed. No problem with plants or the flagstone, very happy.

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Salt system.

5 years, unsealed travertine, azaleas, hostas, evergreens, etc, Always splashed, no issues. 3 friends have switched their pools to salt over the years after swimming in our pool.

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Is this a spa only? A salt system would be like 10-15% percent of the spa cost? Most spa only systems use bromine as a sanitizer.

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Thanks for your help everyone. Yes, this is a spa only. I was told by my builder that he would be able to do a salt system for a few hundred dollars more based on the upgraded panel/control system that I was buying? I am a newbie to all this so I am not very familiar with what he is talking about. I just figured that a few hundred dollars wasn't enough to sway my decision one way or another, and I wanted to make the best decision possible.

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