Old PT deck being replaced

jimracOctober 14, 2013

Hello all,,,,

WE are just in the planning phase, and starting to bounce some ideas around with my carpenter.

Have a multi level deck; lower is not a problem. But the upper has some issues.

Starting to think about IPE and maybe some azek or moisture shield as some decking options....

The upper deck is on piers; 7 feet or so; and is about 13x24 or so.

For the structure, we are considering going with 2x6, PT, 12OC. We are going to have a beam splitting the deck widthwise, so the span of the joists are only 6.5' or so....

Any issues with 2x6 PT framing, 12OC, in conjunction with IPE or some of the manmades PVC/composites?

Thanks a bunch.


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I know 5/4 Ipe is generally fine at 16" O.C. I can't imagine you would have trouble at 12.

I also wouldn't be worried about 6.5' span with 2x6 material.

But if you can afford it you might move up to something a bit more substantial and long-lasting like 2x8s, but just make sure they are decent quality. Most of the 2x6 material I see is superior to 2x8 in terms of density and number of knots.

How are you going to secure your joists?

I'd suggest stainless steel fasteners and you should always pre-drill Ipe.


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Thank you for your input Penelope.

Ok that is good news. I would assume, we will using the fastners as you have mentioned. I leave all the technical and quality know how to my trusty carpenter. It appears now, we can use 2x8's; originally, since our present dech doe snot step down from the exitway of the home, and with a doorway under the deck, we had a clearance issue if we drop the deck several inches. evidently, that is all that is required by the town; so we probably can go with 2x8's..


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Hi Jim,

I should clarify that I would suggest you use galvanized hardware for your joists and all P.T. lumber, while using stainless fasteners to secure the decking to the joists.

I recommend Simpson joist hangers and they also make "SD" screws in lieu of nails... but this would most likely be your carpenters preference.



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Hey Jim, It sounds like Penelope has you covered but I wanted to touch in on one thing. Never assume your Carpenter is going to use the correct Fasteners / Hardware. The last thing you want is to have a decking material that's proven to last 25+ years (Ipe) and Fasteners / Hangers that will only last 10.

As Penelope mentioned - galvanized hardware for your joists and stainless steel screws for the deck surface. I also recommend Simpson Strong tie.

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Ok thank you, very good advice. Thats why I like to talk to others, to see how things are done or approached; with some details needed and required, some unnecessary, and some unnecessary but given the circumstances worthwhile considering.

Thanks again.

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