Help getting purple bird dropping stains off my cedar deck

bjturner27October 11, 2011

I'm really hoping somebody can offer me some guidance.

We just finished our cedar deck here in southern Ontario and days later it's covered in purple bird droppings.

I power washed it as soon as possible to try to keep them from staining but some of them didn't come off. I only used water and no soap of any kind as I wasn't sure what would be good idea to use.

I was going to wait to stain until next spring because it's really not warm enough right now to do it. My understanding is that I need some relatively warm days on a constant basis. It's been warmer than normal here but not enough I don't think.

Can anyone recommend a cleaner that I can use to get these stains off?

And if and when I do get it cleaned, is there some sort of product I can apply that will help protect the wood from more stains penetrating it? I want to stain it next year so I didn't think I could put anything else on it until I do that.


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It's really easy TIA.

Keep those damm purple birds away !!! Install a Yellow plastic Owl up high on a stick. Frank Zappa did this around his Cabin worked great for Him. He told me about it at the Filmore West during a break.

The Dude even did a song about it.

I got the purple bird blues from my head to my shoes
They shittt on my deck all day long they even do it when I snoozze.

I dident put the finish on cause I had to wait, now I got the thing looking like a broken grease Crate

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaa I got the purple bird Bluessssssssss

Major Hit in the 60s

JonMon Total yucking it up

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that sounds simple enough but I encourage the birds to come to my yard.
I have several bird feeders.

and it's not the birds that are purple. It's their droppings from eating the berries in the neighbours' trees.

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Now that there is Funny,no matter where you live

No hope for Ya BJT. You intice birds your going to get the End result.


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ah.....thanks so much for your

anybody with some advice that would be slightly more helpful?

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You really were Serious !!!

For crying out loud BJ ,how do you think geting bird poop off a deck is going to happen ??? Your going to scrub it off with a brush,soap,and hot water.

With finish or with out Finish if you intice birds to your deck the scrubing is going to be an on going thing.


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once again thanks for your help but I wouldn't have asked the question if it was that easy.

I already tried that and still have the stains.

please don't bother posting if you don't have something helpful for me.

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