Finishing tile when there is no wall to die into

GWloloMarch 28, 2013

We have a brick wall near the sink where some backsplash tile will go. I need to figure out away to finish the tile edges - both vertical and horizontal. The options seem to be either Schluter edge, bullnosed tile edge, quarter round lengths. I would like some advice and pictures to help me figure this out.

Due to irregularity of the brick, it looks like there will be a thickish layer of mud. Will bullnosed tile edges look weird? Will something thicker like quarter round tile sections or Schluter edge be better?

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In my experience, quarter rounds usually offer more flexibility to uneven surfaces. You can roll one way or the other to make up for thickness differences.

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If I have multi colored tiles, what color do I get the quarter rounds in? All the colors or just one color?

Are quarter rounds too old fashioned?

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You're probably gonna need either cement board or a skim coat. That means lots of thickness on all four sides. Plus losing the door trim detail. Why not just seal the brick?

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