Need Backsplash help!

TheGaulMarch 24, 2013

I'm buying a new house and the house has white corian counter tops and a white backsplash. I'd like to keep the counter tops and replace the backsplash but I can't figure out anything I like. Any suggestions? Thanks

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Are you keeping the cabinet color?
Are you changing the wall color?
Are you keeping the curtain above the window?
What is the floor color?
Do you want modern? Traditional? Country? Crazytown?

All of those would be very helpful in letting people know which way to go with suggestions.

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Go through the kitchen photos at and find those with a similar cabinet color and white counters and see which you like. That way you can visualize what it will look like finished and do a similar look. That's the best place to start and narrow down what appeals to you. Some of the photos mention what tile was used or you can write the poster of the image. They mostly are happy to help!

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It's also really helpful to give us a budget in $/sf so we don't give you a bunch of options you can't use.

Man, a lot of really red stained cabinets are the subject of replacement on this forum. Was your kitchen designed in the '90s? If you're not planning to replace or refinish your cabs, you might want to embrace the red in the bs tile (and change the paint and remove the valence), sort of an "in for a penny, in for a pound" strategy. You'll get an idea of what I mean in the images below. By the way, is that a tiled chicken mosaic behind the range?

Some "embrace the red" options...

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That is definitely a chicken on the wall...and he has to go. We are going to re-paint a more neutral color. Some sort of beige( Manchester tan, water chestnut). The valence is going. The cabinets aren't as red as they look in this picture but they are staying. The floor is wood that is a little lighter than the cabinets. Our style is probably more of a transitional. We like modern but would probably keep it somewhat traditional in case we ever moved. We're looking for something under $15/sq ft. Also, we checked out houzz but didn't see much. Most of the kitchens with white counters were ultra modern. Thanks,

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