Year old deck

Chugbug57October 11, 2011

Last year had a 16 X 28 PT deck built. At the time I was told to let the wood dry and stain it 12 months later, which I've found from this forum was wrong. I'd like to get it stained now before winter but not sure if this is the best time, this late in the season....central Ohio, temps are going to get into the 50's next week with nights in the mid 30's. Should I just wait until spring now?? I'm going to use either the TWP or Ready Seal not sure which yet, I've heard both products are good. Also I just up up PT railings how long should I wait to stain them. I'm new to wood decks, so just starting to learn.

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Do not wait for anything to put the finish on Any outdoor project but good weather.

I can not belive that wait for months thing is still being passed around. It was proven wrong at least 15 years ago. Ghessssssssssssssss.

Dont take this wrong... With PT lumber it hardley matters the finish is for looks it wont keep that lumber from doing what pt lumber has to do exposed to the sun.


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Thanks John, not takin anything wrong, any advise is welcome!! Is it worth the money to put TWP or RS on it then, maybe look for something else more local?? Any suggestions you have John would be appreciated. I was afraid with the temps getting low it will not set up right.

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Depending on your local weather, it might be better to wait for the spring. Although cool is better than hot.

If your bound to put the finish on soon,twp water base,Storm Shield, can be put on under those temps. Great product down side it sets up real quick


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Thanks, I think I'm going to go ahead and order the stain and see what the weather does if the weather does not cooperate I'll wait until spring, When the weather breaks I'll give it a good clean and apply brightner again. I'm planning on replace the deck boards within the next 5-6 years or sooner if I have to.

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