New Kitchen - Was told to post on here, that you guys are great!

jennybcMarch 2, 2013

Building a new house. Thought I would run the kitchen plans by you guys. New to the site and LOVE it! Awesome ideas and great suggestions. Thanks in advance!
Attaching floorplan now. Will post sketch of cabinet layout next.

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Baking center has a pass through (not seen on plans) to the pantry. Barn door style on pantry side. Counter would be continuous through the opening.

The sink is centered below the window. This is a sketch taken off of much larger plans that I couldn't scan in. Sorry it is centered and doesn't look lopsided.


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Where ever you have lower cabinets drawn put in drawers. eg - to the right of the DW, to the left of the fridge and in the island.

Can you post an overview floorplan with measurements?

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Welcome and if you haven't the "new to kitchens ..." thread posted by buehl that floats around on page 1 or 2. More info than you ever wanted to know about kitchens. Also tells you how to put more than 1 photo in a post.

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I just got my plans from my decorator and my layout is similar to yours with the Pantry being kind of in back of kitchen-I thought I was the only one. I am also a newbie here also. On your diagram I wonder how that pass through to your pantry is going to work. I guess you will pass items through once your in the pantry? My kitchen is much smaller so I don't think I would do the same because I need all the space I can get in my working kitchen-I did ask about putting my entry to my pantry where my Stove is on my design-my decor. was not willing to loose the flow of whole kitchen as I have enough doorways into kitchen. I am including my diagrams in case you are interesting in comparing. I do like the L-shape island my Decor. came up with as I need the walking area around my island. Good luck! I think you did a great start at trying to figure out your kitchen design. If you go to the Houzz page you can find great ideas for kitchens.

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My thinking is that all basics will be within arms reach above on the shelf. Flour, sugar, corstarch etc in cannisters. If I know Im baking I go into the Pantry and get the additional things set them on the counter. I also love to bake and I like the thought of having my mixer out of sight but that I can pull it through. Or bake deserts and have them ready to pull through when its time to serve. I also can veggies from the garden and I need the extra pantry space to store everything. This seemed like the best option and kinda cool. :)

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Jenny please know I am not a designer. I assume that your kitchen sink goes to the left of the Barn door pass through? If so, I feel like the look of the cabinetry should be continued on the left side so that its balances/matches with the same kind of cabinets on the right? I am sure there are more qualified opinions on this page and they may say it will look great. BTW my former kitchen was a galley with only 5 ft. between the cabinets. We hated that shallow depth so that is why I got a re-design. On your island you may want to be able to have seating on the backside of it as well as storage. You may want to have your cabinet maker put tray dividers in to cabinets that are above your Microwave. Makes for great place to store the those large cookie sheets, and cupcake pans.

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Kdjess~ The kitchen sink is on the long wall below the double windows. The pass through will be flanked on either side by the second oven on the left and the Fridge on the right.

Good thoughts on the island seating. Planning on it! The island has seating and the dining table is just beyond that. I love the idea of overflow. Having kids at the counter during Thanksgiving adults at big table. The overflow of people will still be in the same area. Probably will use the counter daily for meals and only go to the dining table for special meals, homework, etc. Not sure about the storage under the island. I am assuming I will have enough with the pantry. and I also don't really want feet kicking doors. If it were beadboard or paneled on the back I feel it would hold up better to the feet swingers (2&5yr olds).
Also love the idea of cookie sheet storage!

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Welcome aboard I wish I discovered GW before I started - but still had lots of help. One thing to remember- this group will give honest feedback - which can be mind blowing at times. They were blunt about my backsplash ideas and I really appreciated the input
Love you shelf to the right of the sink
Do you have a specific reason for a desk area?
Your bake center is similar to ours (flanked between fridge and ovens)
Interesting idea for the pantry.
I initially wanted a garage but KD talked me out it. I find I need all of the counter space plus more when baking. She was right and I recently bought a kitchen cart for more space.
So my concern is the doors that open might impede your work space.
What is your counter space between the oven and fridge. Ours is 45 inches.
I am on the road again but will look at your plans on a computer when at the ranch.

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I am loving the input so far! Let me explain why the cabinets are the way they are. I had quoted cabinets at about 13,000 online, big box stores came in higher and custom were way higher. Had a general idea about the baking center, passthrough, second oven where the fridge would go and sink/dishwasher. MIL was in Re-Store and saw cabinets and bought them on the spot. Hickory raised panel, solid wood. She wanted the island and figured she knew someone who would take the rest of the cabinets, either me or her sister who is re-doing her kitchen. Since then we have added a window, removed an exterior door across from the pantry and created what we have now based on these cabinets. I wanted painted wood cabinets and we currently have 850$ in awesome cabinets (yes that need to be painted) But I figure I can spurge on appliances at this point. The shelf to the right of the sink is to balance the visual impact of having different sized cabinets on the same wall across from each other over the sink.
The desk area is a byproduct of placing what we had where we could, and I think I'm loving the idea of it. Might put my computer there, mount a monitor on the wall, hide the mouse and keyboard in the drawer. Its really growing on me. I also figure great place for working on recipes, or kids to do homework while I wash veggies.
The sliding doors will be on the pantry side so there shouldn't be any loss of counter space on the kitchen side. That space will be about 44" but with the ability to turn around to the island for more space.
Thanks for the input!!

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I love galley-style kitchens, and I like your pantry idea (though I'm not a designer).

I would like to second the suggestion for drawers. Our kitchen now (which came with the apartment) has only 1 set of base drawers, and they are far and away the most useful of my base cabinets. I have lots of other base cabinets and I HATE them. It seems like we have plenty of storage, but most of it is a huge pain in the butt to get to. You end up using just the front of them, or installing pullouts. Pullouts are an improvement, but the ones we have involve lots of wasted space and, of course, the additional step of opening the cabinet and then bending way down to pull the tray out. We are redoing our kitchen soon and I can't wait to install drawers.

Also, I noticed that the path to your powder room is through your laundry room. That's the way ours works, and I am regularly rushing in there when we have unexpected guests to make sure that the laundry room isn't a mess with bras hanging out to dry or piles of dirty clothes. You might be neater than us, though, or have a more nicely appointed and organized laundry room. That's a long way of saying that if you keep it as is, I highly recommend getting good cabinetry and plenty of storage for your laundry area so it stays looking nice.

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Thanks for the input!! My laundry is currently in our only bath (very small farmhouse on the property). Everything has a place - it has too! lol I guess I'm not too worried. I will direct guests through the laundry or to the Master bath, either way.

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It looks like you have a range in your island. Is that right? If so, what are you plans for ventilation? The conventional wisdom on this board (and I have seen many strongly worded conversations on the subject) is that ranges or cooktops on islands are not optimal. The main reasons are ventilation and safety.

The ventilation issue can be mitigated if you have an island hood venting to the outside. The problems come when people rely on recirculating downdraft ventilation. It just doesn't work well.

Regarding safety, the issue is cooktop distance from the island perimeted. On a narrow island, the cooking surface can be reached from the back of the island, which is a particular problem when combined with island seating and young kids.

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Originally we were assuming we would use a downdraft just like my parents have. They love theirs and I love the look. However, we started looking at reviews and started seeing the problem right off! If you go with gas the down draft pulls the flame and takes longer to cook. Electric panels go out and the downdraft overall has narrowed to one or two brands and the quality has gone down.
So now we are at a dual fuel oven/range and going with the monster overhead ventilation. The counter will be 4' plus across to the other side. And with the open layout and 9' ceilings Im hoping the large overhead will be ok.

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Glad I get to see this on my computer - I missed the whole island on the phone. I am not sure where it lives in the floor plan.
I originally wanted a downdraft for the "cool" factor - but then realized they don't work all that great and the CFM was a problem in our area. I had to limit to 400 CFM or add a make up air system.
Glad you got a great deal on the cabinets! They are going to be cute!

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The cabinet savings has been huge even if we spend thousands on re-finishing them or having someone refinish them, we are still way below our budget on kitchen!

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As cawaps pointed out, there is a strong consensus against island ranges/cooktops here, because of safety and ventilation. It sounds like you are willing to take care of the ventilation by getting the large, expensive, high-capacity, sight-blocking hood that you will need. But I am still concerned about safety; upthread, you mentioned sitting your 2- and 5-year olds on the island. The island is 4' wide, which puts the kiddos just 2 feet from the back of the cooktop (IF they don't lean over the counter). I don't like the sounds of that!

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Angie DIY
Yes, Considering what to do! Thanks for the input.

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Haven't read all of the above carefully. I will come back and do that later. For now a suggestion. I love the idea of a pass thru door to the pantry. Can you make it a sliding door or doors? It could still LOOK like barn doors, but not sweep over the counter in front of them.

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