Your quilting style......has it changed?

teresa_nc7February 28, 2011

Would you say your quilting style or preference has changed over the past five to ten years? Have you morphed into a paper-piecing maniac compared to years ago when you mostly made traditional patterns? Have you gone from looking for your "tiny prints" to stashing every batik that is made?

While I still like the traditional patterns, I find myself being drawn to more modern designs. And though I will never give up my suitcase of 1930's reproduction prints, I certainly use a lot of very bright modern fabrics in my baby quilts these days. When I see a quilt that really catches my eye, I like to dissect the pattern to see how it was put together, then if possible, I print out the pic or save it to my computer. I get so much inspiration here on our forum and from images on the internet.

So, has your quilting style changed over the years? I'd love to know how.


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I have had some changes in my "style" over the years. I still prefer simple traditional blocks or "techniques" instead of complicated patterns, but I am more willing to try anything. I,too, save pictures to my computer so I can dissect them. Not that I will end up using in, just enjoy exploring the patterns.

My quilting has really taken a turn for the better since DH got me the mid-arm and frame. I haven't mastered it yet, still doing simple patterns, but they are so much easier to do now.

I don't think you would say my "style" has changed much over all, just broadened my horizons.


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Yes! Not just changed, but expanded too. I've never been tied to traditional patterns but through the birthday blocks and monthly lottos I've come to appreciate them more than ever before. I still like deep, jewel tones the best, but have added addictions to batiks, neutrals, and 1930s repro fabrics. Five years ago I would have never tried hand applique; I'm still not good at it but now I know I can do it and like doing it.

I have this forum to thank for my wildly expanded view of quilting and I appreciate everything you've taught me!


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I think I've changed both styles and colors. I was very conservative and very traditional and now will try most anything once. Long ago I wouldn't think of using blacks or bright colors and now love batiks and black. I branched into designing my own things and art quilts, too. I see something I like and want to try it. I have piles of "unmade quilts" in line ahead of me at all times. I've gotten better equipment and stolen more space.

My goal is to found a nursing home for just quilters with a large central space, tons of fabric and all sorts of machines - and Chippendale dancers to help push us around in our wheelchairs and bring the drinks.

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I think my style and choices are constantly evolving and changing.
I go thru color phases, print phases, certain design phases. It all reflects what's going on in my life.

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I've always like traditional quilts and I still do, though I like a lot of more modern ones, too (but still can't get into art quilts). I think my color preferences have changed over the years much more than my quilt style preferences.


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Hmmmm, I'm not sure if my style has changed or if I'm just adapting to new techniques I've learned and to the necessity of frugal quilting. 10 years ago I made a quilt for DH and after a year of looking for the pattern, studying the picture of the one he wanted (a very small picture from a magazine ad for a sewing machine!!!) and looking at what quilts caught me eye, I decided that the best quilts were made with tone-on-tone fabrics so that is what I purchased. But over the last 5 yrs of making due with what I have or can get fairly inexpensively, that tone-on-tone rule has gone out the window. I do find that the quilt catalogs, magazines and patterns over the last 10 years don't interest me much. I'm not sure if that is because the longer I quilt, the more I've seen so things don't stand out as much, or if there was a quilting creativity-spike in the 90's that has faded now, but I enjoy looking through patterns from the 90's much more than I do from the last decade.

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Like Carol, I am still evolving. But, I do tend to gravitate to strong colors. I like contrast.

I have a quilt made of soft muted colors I use on the couch that I absolutely loved when I made it about 4 years ago. Now it grates on my nerves like nails on a chalkboard when I look at it. It's garbly (is that a word?) and muddy to me now. Rebecca

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Linda, can I come to your nursing home? Sounds like a great time. I can't really say my quilting style has changed. I tend to work more out of my stash these days and am more apt to put my own twist on a pattern. I too like to save inspiration pictures and figure out how to make them without buying a pattern. I always take a tape measure into the quilt store so I can take measurements of things I'm interested in.

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Patterns that I saved some time ago "to do" are no longer interesting to me. I am gravitating more to creating different patterns and quilts. I think this forum has been helpful in broadening my horizons!

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I do have to say my biggest change has been in how I use color. For so many years I picked a focus fabric and then tried to match the colors in it for the other fabrics and came out with some very ho-hum quilts. I've really been working at focusing on values more than on color and I recently saw a Jinny Beyer video that 'clicked' with me about color usage.

Here is a link that might be useful: Jinny Beyer on color

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Fran, you beat me to it. I want to go to Linda's nursing home when I get old, too!
My interests are about the same as they used to be, but I see more possibilities with fabrics as I quilt over the years. I had a hard time getting used to the scrappy look, but I can handle it just fine now (which is good - more ways to use my scraps.)
When I started quilting I couldn't see putting more than one patterned fabric in a quilt. Certainly all the others needed to be solids or it just wouldn't look right! Was anyone else like that?
My biggest issue is trying to complete things. I get distracted and on to something new way before I finish things. I read that is a sign you are either creative or a perfectionist or maybe both. I have claimed that as my excuse!

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Karlene, I think the quilt magazines now are aimed at newer quilters and are full of patterns that have big pieces and can be made quickly. Which is gerat for the newer quilters who want quick projects, but it's been a while since I've seen a magazine that had a really challenging quilt in it.


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Linda, you are going to have a full house at your nursing home! I plan to sign up NOW to reserve my spot!

I certainly have changed - from learning how to hand quilt on "quilter friendly" preprinted panels to piecing, machine quilting & some free motion quilting! I do like strong colors and always have. I can't say I'm crazy about 1930s and not sure that ship will ever sail for me, but I enjoy making birthday blocks for others using them ... maybe someday I will be swayed! I think joining the "Saturday sampler" classes at my LQS has helped me learn new techniques and try things I probably wouldn't have. I have to admit I have never been a huge fan of scrappy quilts because I have some "control" issues but I am SLOWLY beginning to accept them.

It has been really fun participating in the birthday blocks & block lottos - it has given me a chance to try patterns I may not have considered before.

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Linda, add me to your list for the nursing home too. lol You will have it full by the time this thread ends.
I think my fabric preferences have changed over the last 10 years. I too tried to match the focus fabric and ended up with a bland quilt. I have learned to use some colors just outside my comfort zone to give my quilts more sparkle.
Sue, I like scrappy quilts but like you, want to have more control. I have found that jelly rolls, charm packs, and layer cakes give me the scrappy look but everything looks good together.
Teresa, thanks for starting this thread. It made me stop and think about the changes I have made over the years.

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My most obvious change has been in what I make. During the 90's I made wallhangings that I sold. Many were made using fused applique, which I have moved away from in the past 10 years. I have grown to like scrappy quilts and have explored hand applique. I find that I am always drawn to new techniques and ideas eg. the rag quilt, disappearing 9 patch, etc.. That is probable why I enjoy the BD block exchanges as it enables me to explore things that I might miss other wise. My interest are very impulsive continually exploring new ideas, many I seen here.
I am packing my bags for the nursing home as we speak.

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I wouldn't say my style has changed. I don't think I've identified my style yet. I just love learning new techniques whether it be how to put pieces together or fabric dyeing or wool felting... all the textile arts that I somehow missed all these years. Unless my style is... no style. If so, no it hasn't changed. :)haha

Teresa, great question.

Linda, sign me up!


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I have a new goal: Linda's nursing home! "Oh Cabana Boy, bring me a mojito please and then thread this machine for me!"

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Your nursing home sounds great, but am hoping I am a long way from ever having to use it. In recent years hubby has cut back on my fabric budget. In years past I would spend like $50 - $80 and buy all my fabric for a queen-size quilt all at one time. And in years past, and am finishing one up now, I have been very controlled in my quilting making quilts like backwards pinwheel and card tricks quilts. I am finally starting to accumulate some scraps and am finding that buying fabric in smaller quantities seems to gives me less fuss from hubby. So am starting to buy more fabric quarters and 2 yard segments here lately. So my next quilt that I make for me I want to be a scrap quilt, a Grandmother's Flower Garden, a simple version of it with just one ring per block. I have also learned how to machine applique and how to hand applique during the past 9 months so am finding it handy in those projects to use fabric quarters. I am finding ways to be a frugal quilter and buy things in small amounts so my husband doesn't freak out on me, LOL that way we can both be happy with my quilting projects.

I have found a good pace though. I spend 2 to 3 years making a queen-size quilt and then in the years between I start additional queen-size quilts and make lap quilts and baby quilts. I try not to have more than 5 or 6 quilts going at any one time. The last 2 years I have been working on 9-inch block quilts. This year I am starting one that is a 12-inch block quilt. I am also participating in the Round Robin Seeds-N-Stitches Swaps and that has me trying out new things like machine applique. It does take me a little out of my comfort zone, but am happy to be learning new things. And I like to browse through the internet and print out free quilt patterns. Ones I might possibly make in future years. And I print them out in case those websites aren't there in the future. Well back to my quilting. :-)

Best to you,

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