Concrete vs Wood on Front Porch

midwestmamaOctober 22, 2009

We are building a farmhouse style 1.5 story house with a front porch. The plans right now have it for concrete, which doesn't really fit my mental image of a farmhouse. Is there a major financial benefit from doing concrete versus wood (or faux wood)? Any things I should keep in mind in this decision? We have all types of weather from baking heat to freezing winters so it needs to hold up well.

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How high up will the porch be. Will the porch be covered. J.

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The porch should be about 3 steps up (sorry I don't have the dimensions) and have a roof the entire porch.

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Usually wood would cost less. That high up a slab would need a stem wall,compacted fill,form up the stairs things like that. On the flip side stamped and stained creet can really look good done corectley.

There is a lot of homey detail can be done with a well completed wood deck that cant be matched with creet like diferent color borders , handrail detail, skirting and general warm feeling. On the down side whither you go say South American like ipe/garapa or manmade the part that gets the sun will weather diferently. J.

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You might consider concrete (part of foundation) topped with wood, with screeds in between for drainage, like what I did.....

Here is a link that might be useful:

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I like a wooden floor on a porch. However I think concrete steps are a good idea if you live in a place with winters. Our concrete front steps are great in the winter. (Just don't put some slick surface paint on them) Our (former) wooden steps out back were VERY slippery. Our new "faux wood" steps out back are not slippery. Something to keep in mind about "faux wood" if you consider that, particularly for the porch floor, is that the boards are spaced - that is there is a gap between them. Its kind of nice when sweeping the steps, but I really prefer a solid floor on the porch itself.

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srercrcr or anyone,
Please eloborate on what you mean by screeds.
Is this is brand?

We have a concrete a foundation poured but would prefer wood or composite for our wrap around porch.


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Screeds are a layer of boards in between your concrete base and your top floor layer. They are not a solid layer, they are loosely layed. My indoor oak flooring has screeds that are not attached to the slab so the oak flooring can move if it needs to. My front porch has screeds that are fastened to the slab, but they are layed at a 45 and any water that gets in there can find its way out.

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I would aim for the wooden porch option since we're moving into Spring, and sooner Summer will be here.

Winter could be devastating with only concrete set.
Just curious did you get much snow in your area during winter?

Jay Chua

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