How soon after plaster can you heat the pool?

Fori is not pleasedJune 15, 2011

Hi y'all. My pool guy is a flake (went AWOL for 4 days after filling, for example) so when he says it's okay to heat the pool 10 days after filling, I'd like a second opinion. It's plain white plaster. Is there any problem with heating, provided all the parameters are stable?


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I just got water in my pool today and up until last week I was going to do plaster but I switched to Aqua Blue Pebble Sheen. I had asked my PB about the heater issue with plaster and he explained to me that unlike Pebble Tec and Pebble Sheen you must wait to turn on the heater until there is no more dust produced during the brushing process. He estimated it to be about 2-3 weeks, depending on how thoroughly and how often I brushed. Hope that helps.

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Wait 3-4 weeks. I discourage swimming during this time too as the plaster is still soft. Foot prints and dirt will be difficult to remove.


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Thanks guys!

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I own a pool plastering business and the correct waiting time is 27 days. I takes 27 days for plaster to cure. The oils from your feet will stain the plaster and it will not ever come out.

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