Enclosed porch & curb appeal - pic

clyftOctober 26, 2009


We purchased our home (our 1st) two years ago.

The enclosed porch, while great when you're on the inside looking out, has me baffled from the outside looking in.

The front stairs will need to be replaced/refinished in the next few years and I'm looking for suggestions on what to do with them.

From a practical standpoint the current step/landing is undersized and it would be helpful to have a small porch. But I think it might look weird to have a porch coming off of an enclosed porch. Would stone be a better way to go? Wood with wooden railings?

I'm also interested in changing out the exterior/storm door. I don't like the scalloping on it and would prefer a single full glass door. Do you think that would look weird?

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I would post this on the Home Decorating forum. There are great people there and sometimes will photoshop your house so you can see how it will look with different suggestions.

Here is a link that might be useful: home decorating

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I would suggest you go to your local library and look in old home building for something similar to your photo. I think that will give you some great ideas about how the house was originally designed and the scale of the porch. You may find info for Craftman style homes...have you driven around your town to look for similar styles?

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It looks like a very nice house.
I agree that you should get rid of the scalloped door, it doesn't really go with your house. The plain single pane of glass sounds good to me.
I think that the trim around the door or door frame should be continued down the sides to the floor/bottom of the door, and perhaps painted dark brown (assuming the current color scheme.) and the siding that appears to be missing on the left be replaced. The stairs should wider and have a landing in front of the door, and no metal rails. Maybe the steps could go both toward the front and toward the drive way and have wooden rail attached to the house toward the drive and freestanding on the right ( where the bush is.) You could paint your door and screen door a nice bright color of your choice.
Just my thougts.
Have fun!

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There are many ways to tackle the front of your home. I
attached alink for you to look at. Maybe you will find
some pictures there for ideas.


Here is a link that might be useful: My Album

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