Help us get our pool back in order....

StaycJune 22, 2012

Our pool is normally crystal blue and beautiful. It will be a year old this July.

Well, the past 2-3 weeks we just can't seem to get it looks horrible. It is screened in but we did just do landscaping and put sod down. We also sealed our pavers which the guy needed to use more sand. There has been a lot of rain lately also.

We have vacuumed the pool SO much...and have cleaned the filter several times too. Even acid washing the filter in water in a garbage can. The people at the pool store (I won't name names just incase) checked our levels several times and they are all normal. We even purchased a creepy crawler for added help. However, the water still looks cloudy and dingy. Can someone please help us get our pool back?

Thank you so much!

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I would recommend going back to the pool store and buying a quart or two of liquid "floc". Add this product to the pool let it circulate according to directions, then turn off pool overnight. The next morning everything suspended in the water should have settled out for vacuuming. Vacuum to waste if you can (add water to pool as you do), work slowly and all should return to normal. It may take a time or two but it worked on our service routes after some recent floods ruined our route pools, Good Luck !

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I learned long ago not to trust some pool stores when it comes to testing the water.

Floc is rarely the answer.

What are your current chemistry levels and how did you test them?


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Watching anxiously for the answer since I am having the same problem, only in a Medium-sized above ground....

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Do what Scott said and post your numbers.

If its a dead algae bloom, it can take a while for the filter to pull it out.

I had a similar issue, got the chems right but was still cloudy, used clarifier and cleared it up.

Need to give more info and post some pics.

Scott will be able to guide you in the right direction.

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Sorry for the late response...we got it all fixed. We had to shock the heck out of it. It was algae! Once we did was perfect the next day or so.

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