Thick Stone Floor in Patio Sunroom

Penelope_FOctober 20, 2013

Hi All,

I am new to this forum and really looking forward to participating with everyone here.

My first question is in regard to flooring an indoor sunroom.

The room is 10' x 20' and has a concrete slab floor that is unevenly poured (it varies up to 1.5 inches). We found a good deal on Jerusalem stone 6" x 12" x 1.25" that we plan to use as flooring. However, we do not want to set the stone in mortar (we don't want anything so permanent), so we are thinking of setting the stone in sand. (Concrete sand as the bedding, and mason's sand swept into the cracks between the stone.) The room is framed up with pressure treated lumber, and we thought to create a narrow wood border of Ipe or similar hardwood that would "frame" the floor of the room, and create a sort of "box" for the sand and stone (keeping it back from the framework/sill plates of the walls). The top edge of this hardwood framing would be level and finish out flush with the tiles, while the bottom edge would be scribed to meet with the uneven concrete floor.

We realize this is fairly unconventional, but would really appreciate any thoughts and suggestions you might have.

Again, this is a patio room off a deck with lots of natural sun, covered roof, and insulated. We don't want the permanence of mortar because we would like to be able to save the tiles if we eventually decided to change the floor, add radiant heating, etc...

Thanks so much!


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