Viking is a lemon right out of the box!

SugarCookiesMarch 2, 2012

OMG, I can't tell you guys how utterly disappointed I feel right now. :'(

The range is a lemon. They took it out of the box and did everything they should have done to install it and the igniter continues to click after the burners are lit and the oven igniter clicks on and then shuts off, won't stay on. Service call is in, but it's Friday and so nothing can be done until Monday at the earliest.

It looks amazing in my kitchen with the new vent hood and the backsplash tile samples, but I'm not really into $4000+ paper weights. Terribly anti-climactic. [sigh]

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How disappointing! It does look amazing...and when it IS working, it will be wonderful :)

The backsplash looks great, too! This will all be fixed soon...and you'll look back on this, as just another 'issue' on the way to getting a beautiful kitchen.

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At least it doesn't have the appearance that somebody has beat the door closed with a hammer.

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I know it ain't easy but, take a deep breath.
It'll get fixed on Monday.
Besides, if it all went smoothly, you wouldn't have any stories to tell the grandkids;)
BTW, your kitchen looks great.
Love the floor and especially the backsplash.

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Thanks you guys. DH and I are going out for dinner since I can't cook anything. I'm going to have a drink too! lol

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Gorgeous! They will fix it and you will be happily cooking and baking soon.

(I can understand that it feels like an anti-climax
after your excitement at its arrival.)

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Congrats on the new kitchen! It looks great. I had the same problem with my Viking cooktop in my last house, which I lived with for ten years and a half dozen service calls. I went with a Wolf this time around.

Did you refinish existing cabinets? I love the finish.

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It might just be adjusting some little screw things and it will all be ok on Monday. It might not be a lemon. The kitchen does look lovely.

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Glad you are making lemonade by going out for dinner and drinks.

Good luck to you on Monday!

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Thanks everyone. I feel ambivalent about it right now because the joy I feel every time I see how it looks is helping to somewhat balance out the disappointment of it not working. A little. I LOVE how it looks. However, I think I would love a black knob Wolf just as much.

Luke - I am having some buyers remorse on my Viking range choice at the moment. I originally wanted a Wolf and I opted for the Viking because it was a better price. Silly me. If this is not resolved to my satisfaction and quickly, I'm going to insist on a refund and replace it with a Wolf.

We did refinish the existing cabs because we didn't want to spend for new ones. I used the Rustoleum Cabinet Transformations kit in Porcelain with the optional glaze. The process would be much easier to do and, with a better finished outcome, if using a darker color. The glaze finish is difficult to replicate consistently, especially when you do the cabs in separate painting sessions like I have. The doors are the worst to do. Frames and drawer fronts are easy. If the glaze is not used the cabs just look painted. I am planning to use the kit again in a different color to refinish my guest bath vanity to save a few bucks there as well.

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Make sure the hot and neutral wires from your circuit breaker to the ignitor module(s) are correctly connected (for polarity) presumably as per the installation instructions.
Keep using the top burner(s) doing the clicking. The top burner ignitor(s) may clear up after being exposed to normal steady use/heat for a few days.

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Sorry to hear that.

Unfortunately, there is a long history of viking lemons on the appliance forum here and at other places.

Every manufacturer has lemons but I expect 0% lemons for 'high-end' items. That is why you pay the extra price so that they can do the quality check before they sell...

Hope they resolve it, or replace it.

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make sure that the small brass looking pieces on the bottom of the big black circles are correctly align this should stop the clicking, you will no that the are properly aligned because the will fit into a small notch on the bottom othe the piece

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((((((((((((((((((((((((cyber hugs)))))))))))))))))))))))))))

total bummer, hoping you had a lovely dinner last night
that made up for the viking mishap.

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Debbie downer here, when you first said it was coming I wanted to write back "I hope it works" sorry I'm right.
I tried to warn others about Viking and the people on the appliance board accused me of being a Wolf salesman!! My job is far from that . . .Besides Vikings not working I had the worst customer service experience of my life . . like my range is 1.5 years old and the oven burner has a hole in it and needs to be replaced and Viking refused to over the part --meanwhile I'm reading the warranty to the rep "oven burners are covered for two years."
I've finally made peace with it (it regularly needs to be fed like $450 a few months ago), the broiler is awesome as are the gas burners and it's handsome. But when she goes, never again Viking !!

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laat2 - Polarity has already been checked and re-checked. Apparently, that is not causing the problem. The installers told us not to use the range at all until the service tech can check it out, but we have periodically turned on the burners to see if they are still malfunctioning. Wouldn't hurt to continue doing that to see if it does clear up. Thanks for your suggestions.

pharaoh - "Every manufacturer has lemons but I expect 0% lemons for 'high-end' items. That is why you pay the extra price so that they can do the quality check before they sell... " EXACTLY! Thank you. Couldn't agree more. We'll see what happens next week, but truthfully, I'm not holding out much hope of this being completely resolved. Malfunctioning right out of the box doesn't bode well for the life of this range.

ihelpu - Thanks, but I'm not touching anything like that before the service tech shows up.

boxer - Thanks! We ended up getting a pizza. Helped forget about it for a few minutes anyway :)

shappy - I should have listened to my instinct and gone with the Wolf. Cost savings overruled that instinct. The last thing I need is a "money-pit" range. I woke up at 3am thinking about the range and couldn't get back to sleep. :(

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can you return it now and get the wolf? if you accept this repair and begin using it, it will be hard to return it - you have the leverage right now. can you contact co and just have them come back and pick it up?

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babushka - I'm thinking about that. The place where I bought it opens in about 45mins. I'm going to call them and see how much more it will cost me to replace it with a Wolf. Anyone want to loan me some money? j/k

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I would strongly recommend it. I looked at both Viking and Wolf. Was scared off by the Viking issues reported on line and went with Wolf. I LOVE my Wolf. purchased the 30" all gas range. Could not be more happy with it, highly recommend. I found a floor model with a small ding but would buy new too if I had to.

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Sorry this happened to you but I will say I have at least a dozen family/friends with Vikings. They all love the range and only one had a minor problem while still under warranty. They have had the Vikings for between 3 - 12 yrs. Good luck what ever you decide.

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Maybe this will help you justify the wolf. Expect to spend at least $400every two years for repair. That's been my experience .

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Ditto Babushka_cat's advice, or push to get a brand new Viking. I haven't researched Viking in a while, but if I recall correctly "ignitor issue" was one of their frequent complaints. Good Luck and let us know what the appliance store says!

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Okay, so I called around to other places that carry Wolf in my area and the cheapest I've found for the 30" all gas so far is at RC Willey for $4199. My sales woman at Ferguson was with a customer (I left voicemail), so I don't know what their price is yet. If they match or beat RC Willey's price it will cost me about $600 more to swap out for the Wolf delivered and installed. DH is on the fence about the swap. He wants to give the Viking a chance before we dump it. I've convinced myself that because it came out of the box malfunctioning that it's never going to be right. For this kind of money, that is just completely unacceptable.

I will let you guys know what happens when it's all said and done. I hope to know something by Monday at the latest.

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Speaking as a Viking owner for the past 5 years, if you have the option to return it now for a Wolf - do it and don't look back.

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Not to confuse matters - but we have a Wolf "e" series double oven that wasn't working upon delivery. It took them two visits to finally get it working right and I still keep a thermometer in there all the time since I don't completely trust it yet. I guess my point is that these things can happen with any company - how they service it should count for a great deal.

That being said, we went all Wolf in our reno because I had heard to many troubling stories about Viking. I couldn't tell if there were more Viking stories because Viking sells more units, or if they had either reliability / service issues - but I wasn't interested in finding out. I don't think you'll go wrong with Wolf - but I'm also not convinced you went wrong with Viking... sure looks nice!

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I've read all the Viking unit and CS horror stories on the Appliance Forum for too long. Spend the extra $600 now and go for the Wolf. Shappy's each-time repair bill of $400 will add up quickly. Extra $600 now? I'd do it.

Good luck!! We're all here hoping for a great outcome for you.

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Oh dear, I know how disappointed you must be! I have certainly been there, my AGA was pretty much a lemon right out of its dented box (first hint!). One of the oven doors was badly dented (they sent a new one for us to install), the fan was broken (my handy husband fixed it himself), and one of the five burners doesn't work (still waiting for them on that one). I probably should have returned it right away. I am not sure why we are willing to give so much slack to companies who produce very expensive products but refuse to do the necessary quality control. Of course I knew about AGA's abysmal quality and customer service issues before I bought it and went ahead anyway (more fool me). If things aren't resolved to your satisfaction and resolved quickly, send it back!

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I would cut your losses if possible. Viking's customer service is horrible, beyond horrible. I don't know if they've changed but my oven ignitors go out like clock work every 2 years, it's over $400 each time to repair. You can buy a whole oven for that! I've had two holes (yes holes) in the oven burners allowing for too much gas to escape. It took years to finally fix the gas smell (ignitors not working reliably), countless waiting for repairs, fighting with the rep, viking, place I purchased etc, Viking was not apologetic for all of this hassle, in fact, they would fight me over things that were clearly under warranty. The gas grill is a joke, I've used it less than 10 times and about half the black coating just flaked right off, a huge mess. The top burners are good and the broiler is just awesome but IMHO viking is just a big headache if you can get out you will save money in the long run.

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Trust your gut, only you know what is right for you and your family.

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The service tech is supposed to be here today between 10 and 12.

I spoke to my sales woman at Ferguson and, apparently, the warranty requires that I give them the chance to correct the problem before they will do anything about even discussing refund/replace options. I was right about how much more it will cost me to swap out the lemon Viking for a Wolf (currently there is a $300 rebate and I can get the same price I found at RC Willey at Ferguson - $4199), but I get the feeling from speaking to them that it's going to have to be a serious lemon beyond any doubt for me to be able to do that. What ever happened to getting a full refund on a brand new, never used product that you don't want?

I could just kick myself for not going with the Wolf from the beginning. I hope I'm wrong about the above, but I think it's wishful thinking on my part. I have ZERO confidence in this Viking range and I really don't want it anymore.

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Don't get too frustrated with yourself, yet (I know, easy for me to say). I agree it's completely unacceptable and understand how it might forever taint your opinion - but do keep in mind, there are tens of thousands of people who are quite happy with their Viking ranges. I'm hoping it's either a very simple little fix or it's a serious lemon and you can go with the Wolf :)

It does, however, look beautiful in your kitchen!

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Thanks, kammererk. I do love how it looks, but if it's a "money pit" range after (or if?) they correct these initial problems, what then? I find very few complaints about Wolf online. Not so for Viking. This could be because, as someone pointed out above, Viking may sell more units than Wolf. I don't know, but it doesn't look good for Viking. I should have done better homework before purchasing, so really, it's my own fault and that makes this situation even worse. lol

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Don't beat yourself up over this, no product is perfect. We tend to think that since we've paid a lot for a product, it will be superior over a cheaper product, I don't think so with these so-called 'high end' products. I think part of the disappointment is thinking that 'if it's new it will be problem free." If it's not easy to exchange the stove, don't fret over it, just move on.

As the unofficial biggest Viking basher around, I'll admit

1. It looks fabulous!
2. When it's working it does a great job.
3. The infrared broiler is awesome.

Looks your model is 30", mine is 36" and has two oven burners instead of one so it's twice as expensive to repair.

If you keep the stove just keep careful tabs of what's covered under warranty and max out on service if needed before the cut off dates.

DON'T stress out over this, if they fix the problem just move on and enjoy your kitchen! Life is never perfect and I would hate for the distress over this stove to take away from the enjoyment of your remodel.

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I would push back on the store. Tell them you are really unhappy with this and you want the Wolf - be firm. Good Luck, and your kitchen is looking great, by the way!

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If it's anything like my experience, the fix will work great for 3-6 months, then the ignitors will go on the fritz again. I sincerely hope you have a better experience than mine.

I gave up on my ignitors after the last $400 repair last year. They replaced the ignitors and rings, and swore the redesigned rings would work much better. That was probably the 3rd or 4th repair I paid for. I had maybe 6-8 repairs under warranty. Now I light my burners manually with a lighter.

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sugar cookies-
have you checked on line for the return policy for the store? not sure what the warranty of the product has anything to do with it. if you do not want it and return it within the guidelines of the return policy not sure why that is not acceptable? i am not clear on how this salewoman is able to force you to keep this....


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Thank you all for your comments. I really appreciate the support and sharing of your experiences.

The problem with the range was an easy 10 minute fix! Evidently, some asshat at the factory reversed the polarity of the wiring inside the range. It is fixed and functioning just fine. Right after the repair guy left I baked some cookies using the convection feature, which I've never had before, and they turned out perfect.

I think I'm going to go ahead and stick with the Viking. I can return it, but it would be a major hassle for me to do so and get the Wolf and it would cost me a restocking fee of 25% because it's a special order item. It would just end up costing me too much money that I don't have right now. I hope it's not a mistake, but if it is, I'm going in with my eyes open and will have no one but myself to blame if it truly is a lemon and starts breaking down all the time.

chiefneil - I'm sorry to hear that you have to resort to lighting the burners on your $4000 range with a lighter. I hope the supposedly "new and improved" ignitor system that my range is purported to have doesn't end up the same way a few years out.

shappy - It is a 30". I agree with everything you said. I DO expect it to be problem free for just those reasons and I guess I freaked out a bit when it malfunctioned right out of the box, mostly because of the cost. Good advice about keeping tabs on what is covered under the warranty, thanks.

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I have been following your thread, as I have a new Jenn Aire pro range with the same problem! They told me to verify correct install, siting reverse polarity as a potential cause! Mine seems to be inconsistent, and only with 1 burner on the cooktop! I am keeping calm until both my GC and electrician come back to check it.....congrats n an easy fix!

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Of course they said polarity, because that makes it YOUR fault and YOUR problem. They said the same thing to us at the time of install. Luckily my DH happens to have the tool to verify correct polarity in the outlet behind the range. The repair guy that came today was called by the installers the day they put it in and he was told on the phone at that time that the polarity in the outlet was correct. Guess what the first thing he checked was today? lol

Maybe the burner that's having the problem has a polarity issue? The repair guy told me that each burner has it's own circuit inside there on the Viking and perhaps the Jenn Aire is similar. The problem could be faulty wiring for just that one burner.

I sure hope it's an easy fix for you as well.

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My GC will be back at end of the week, we are in our final last few details. Electricians will be back as soon as our lights are delivered....will keep you updated as to how it turns out! It's only my giant burner, and inconsistently. I light another burner, then the big one the other day, and I had no would think for $4k it would be perfect!

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"you would think for $4k it would be perfect!"

Yes! Yes, I would! I don't think it's unreasonable to expect that these outrageously expensive appliances be checked, re-checked and re-re-checked before they leave the factory. I thought that was part of what we're paying for. Obviously not.

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Anyone - One thing I forgot to mention is that when I baked the cookies earlier today the kitchen smelled like carbon monoxide. Is this because it's the first time the oven has been used or is this something I should expect when using the oven going forward? Do I need to run the vent hood every time I use the oven? Sorry if these seem like stupid or obvious questions, but it's my first pro range and I'm not quite sure what to expect.

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Carbon monoxide is odorless.

You probably should have done a 'burn off' before you baked anything. What you smelled was likely some protective machine oil. Metal parts usually have a light coating of oil to inhibit rust & corrosion.

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I forgot to do the "burn off" on my Wolf ovens before I used them the first time. Oops! What an awful smell to smell when you're actually trying to bake something you want to eat. ;)

Try baking another batch of cookies (awww...darn!) and see what happens. I think you're fine.

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What the others said, but I want to point out that there is probably a procedure in your manual for the initial burn off. For my range, they wanted 1 hour at 300 and 1 hr at 450 F.

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SugarCookies -- I'm so glad your handsome Viking is working well for you.
I hope you made sugar cookies for the Viking's maiden voyage.

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Normally I wouldn't recommend this but, given the problem you've already had, and the recent comments from Viking owners, you might want to look into an extended warranty.
Since your range was non-functional right out of the box, you might try getting the dealer to throw the warranty in.
Also, even though you've already baked a batch of cookies, read through the manual and perform the burn-off procedure if there is one.
Good luck with your beautiful new range.

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need to do the burn off. it will be stinky but once done, all will be good. do it when you can run fan and keep windows open.

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Super idea Willtv,

get the extended Warranty.

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Find out first if it includes ignitors, they may consider that maintenance rather than repair. I grew up with an O'Keefe & Merritt stove, (gas) never needed ignitors. How the *** did they 'improve' on a gas stove so that the ignitors go out like clockwork? (pilot light??)

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I have an old Viking all gas range that has been mostly trouble free. I am hoping that you get to enjoy your range after all this initial trials of patience is over.
Any ignitor can have some problem after they get old. Plenty of my friends with Wolf seem to also have clicking ignitors when the burners get 'old'.

Mine click now and then but works. I guess I am too cheap to replace a range/ignitors for $ when it works fine otherwise.

My friend at work has a 25 plus year old Wolf. His ignitor has not worked in years. He cooks with a lighter everyday. Even if the ignitor does not work, you can still cook. It's hard to fathom that at this point but in 10 to 15 years time, it maybe okay to you!

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Sorry you are having problems. (Hugs)

May I ask you what your SS "backsplash" behind the range is called and where you got it?

This is exactly what I need.

Sorry if OT. :-)

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Circus Peanut

Modern igniters are electronic, Shappy, so I imagine they don't have nearly the staying power of a pilot light. I asume they melt or something over time (?).

It's the trade-off for avoiding the drawbacks of a pilot light. Some folks don't like the extra bit of warmth and open flame of a pilot. I use a 1949 O'Keefe & Merritt in my own kitchen and actually love the pilot, but live in cold Maine, so there you go.

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ci_lantro - Thanks for the info. Duh! I know CO is odorless and I even have a CO detector. lol

willtv - That is a great idea, thanks! I will check on that.

shappy - I will find out if ignitors are covered on the extended warranty.

babushka/breezy/Angie - I checked the manual and there is a burn off specified for one hour at 450. Thanks!

francoise - I actually made my special scratch recipe of triple choc chip with walnuts. :)

kaismom - Thanks. It seems to be working just fine right now. I hope it continues to do so!

eleena - Check out the link below. The company name is Storm Copper and they're in TN. I thought the prices were pretty reasonalble and it's free shipping. Arrived with no problems at all. Their customer service was great. The piece I bought is 36" x 36" plain 304 stainless, but if you want a pattern they have those too. You can even buy a sample set that has one of each of the patterns to see them in person. I thought better of the patterns because of where I was putting it. I didn't want a textured surface behind my stove even though some of them are nice looking. Too hard to clean. The diamond/quilt patterns remind me of hot dog or lunch carts! lol

You might be able to get a better price if you can find a local stainless fabricator to cut a piece for you.

Here is a link that might be useful: Quick Ship Metals/Storm Copper

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Thank you!

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You're welcome. I misstated the size though. It's actually 30" x 36". :)

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