compare veranda, choice dek, and trex

kren_paOctober 18, 2007

hi all

we are planning a large deck using one of the following: veranda, choice dek, or trex. we will be using these for the decking only so railing systems are not a consideration. this is in an area that freezes each winter (zone 6 i believe). can anyone that has worked with one or more of the above comment on which of the three might be the best alternative? in the past, we have built a choice dek deck and a redwood deck. (too bad we can't afford redwood again.) thanks in advance for your help. kren

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I was at HD yesterday & asked the guy @ the "Pro Desk" what he thought of veranda & how well it was selling since they had a display on the counter. He said no sales & he wouldn't recommend it. When the folks selling it say that you can figure it's pretty much just junk. I wouldn't recommend any of those composites. Most of the composites cost about the same as imported hardwood so I would say go with the real deal.

If you really are sold on the composite thing look at ameradeck, the best composite imo. There are a few others that I would rate ok, but they still have some problems. The negatives with most composites are, expandtion/contraction issues, scratches easily, absorbs stains, mold/mildew, color fading, some are highly flameable & appearance.

I do end building a lot of composite decks, not because I recommend them, but because that's what some folks want.


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Veranda can be confusing as to quality and who makes it. I have been looking into composites for awhile now (still no decision) and read that fiberon makes veranda. People have had positive comments on fiberon so I talked to a guy at fiberon and they don't make the veranda line for all the HD stores just some. Right now I am leaning towards the timber tech earthwood, it has had a lot of positive comments and I think it looks nice. I am trying to look into the all plastic compsites - someone commented on here that timber tech is now making one. It seems to me like this is the next generation of composites, they don't look as nice, more like plastic, but should hold up better. But then again if you take care of your deck then the wood/plastic should be "ok" if you buy the high end stuff. Like I said I still have not made a descion and would like to hear more of peoples comments. Martina

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If you can find the Veranda styles that are manufactured by Fiberon, that's probably a good choice---or just get Fiberon for that matter. I did a lot of research on this and concluded that among "traditional" composites (that is, mix of wood flour and plastics), Evergrain and Fiberon seemed among the best. I like the fact that Fiberon "Pro" series is reversible and I like the look of Fiberon "Tropics" and I believe HD sells Veranda that is really just rebadged versions of these products. If you've decided on composites over wood, you have your reasons and no doubt, there are some advantages to composites such as no painful splinters and no refinishing every couple years. Wood has it's benefits too, but it's a personal choice and the notion that you should pick one over the other is ridiculous---it's all personal choices and personal needs. If you'd consider one that is 100% plastic, Azek Deck/ProCell is pretty nice. I suggest going to the websites and even calling the manufacturers for samples. The Fiberon people were really helpful.

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This is really late in the post time, but Veranda is made by Universal Forest Products.

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Choice is made my Moisture Sheild its a step down product targeted for the box stores.I have used Choice with a coat of finish on it its not to bad on my stairway out 5 years or so. The top end Moisture Shield decking is high grade I can recomend the Juniper 5/4 if a person was going Composite. The earthwood TT looks good,fades a little and is a lot spendy.

I dont recomend being the first one up to use the new solid plastic them boys are coming up with. The History of new manmade is not pretty. Drift on over to The Robert has some intersting insite on manmade and a track record building with plastic material. J.

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Hi. We used a brand called Evergrain, in the Weathered Wood color. It is WONDERFUL. We have had it for 2 years now.

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