Central Jersey - Recommendations for Pool guys?

tweetietanyaJune 3, 2007

Hi I live in Sayreville, NJ and I am looking for someone to build a vinyl pool for us. So far we have gotten quotes from "The Pool & Spa Place" in Cranbury - they seem good, family owned, but VERY expensive. We also got a quote from "Central Jersey Pools" in Freehold - they seem good too, more reasonably priced, but seem like a pool factory, so it may take longer to get a pool done by them.

Have any of you worked with any of these guys? Or is there anyone else in the area you can recommend?

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My suggestion is that you get a couple of quotes from "owner operated" companies not just "family owned" companies. You do not want a company that subcontracts the work-- any of it. I used National Pools and Spas in central NJ/ PA and it was a complete nightmare. 11 MONTHS to complete a vinyl pool! They subcontract all their work, so you are at the mercy of the subcontractors who you won't have a contract with. You should ask around your town, to see who people have used and have been happy with. You should also consider having a lawyer review the contract before you sign it. Last but not least search for the pool builder in this forum. Good luck with the process!

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Hi we live in flemington and just had Foxx pools install an inground vinyl liner pool. so far so good. my neighbor used them last year, and we know of others who have used them. they don't subcontract, and they work quickly.
i think they have a website. we worked with the company in manville, nj and his name is Alexander.

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graciesmom284 - Riverview Pools right? Just curious, when did you sign with them and when did they dig and finish? We considered them but VERY WRONGLY chose National Pools. Riverview sent a grumpy older man that really rubbed me the wrong way. I have since found out that older man was the previous owner who was only doing sales after selling the company to two of his employees, but has since retired. Of course AFTER signing the contract with National, I heard good things about Riverview-- I wish they had sent a different salesperson.

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check out Nicholas Pools...they did our vinyl lined pool and never skipped a beat. not one problem.


and the owner came out to make sure everything was going good, gave us his personal card to report any problems which made us feel like they cared.

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We used Offshore Pools in Brick. They were fine enough during the building process, but then their subcontracted electrician left some work undone when I specifically asked him if he was done - - he "thought" he was done and it was an oversight. Now, however, I'm becoming more and more frustrated with them as my pool is completed and I'm waiting for them to finsih their pool opening and clean up the deck. We went with them on the recommendation of several others who used them, but I can't recommend them at this point.

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nicholas did mine last year still very pleased

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Hi, I've also talked to some of these same contractors. They all use different brands of pools. Does anyone know about the construction? Steel vs powder coated vs polymer?
How important are the brackets and how closely together their positioned? According to "Grumpy" Fox Pools makes the best. But their also more expensive then other pools.
Any feedback would be appreciated.

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Valley pools and spa in Hamilton built ours they did a good job. We worked with Sonny who was great. We have polymer walls and brackets. The reason being that we live in a heavily treed area and the soil is acid which according to our PB would evetually eat through the steel. Good Luck.

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I echo the comments about National. We used them 4 years ago and I still have nightmares about our experience.

On another note, does anyone have a technician who can service our heater? I was able to light the pilot, but the unit isn't turning on. The gas company no longer does service calls, and I've been calling contractors from their website, but none of them seeem to service pool heaters. I'm still waiting to here back from the local pool stores. Any other ideas?

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For amyhlr,

Pools And Spas Service


We don't build pools. We service, maintain and augment.
I just work there.

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thanks everyone for the advice. this is such a great site. This is the final quote we have gotten. Let me know what you all think.

18' x 36' (cranbury) laguna shaped tranquility pool $24,995
8 feet deep diver pool (included)
3 step ladder (included)
8' curved cantilevel step $800
buddy seat/ aquabot cleaner $1000
aqua comfort heat pump AC 125 $4000
Smart Mesh cover $2000
500 wat thru wall light $650
Safety rope (included)
cantilever coping $1000
1 1/2 H.P. Sand Dollar Top Mount Sand Filter (included)
Mineral Springs (by Bioguard) salt system $4250
20 inch Liner (included)
Vermiculite bottom throughout (included)
Temporary fence (included)
aqua genie (skimmer system w/ sanitizer (included)
bonding/grounding/matting (included)
4' rough grade around entire pool (included)
3' concrete deck (included)
full concrete collar (included)
1st year winterization (included)
startup balancing chemicals & supplies (included)

Total cost $37,000
(This does not include fence, pavers, retaining walls, etc)

Does this sound right? Can I negotiate a better price? Let me know what you think?

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Im in Howell and Ill tell you you can always negotiate a better price and free stuff...get many prices and negotiate from there...

I got a colorlogic light which i love and a polaris 360 which id never buy(to much money)i also love it.

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regarding riverview pools, alexander is the one to talk to. the previous owner is doing sales i think, we didn't work with him. i think we signed sometime february/march? and the pool went in mid may. i have no complaints. i know they are busy now, but we are happy with them. we love our pool. (still waiting for the ground to settle to put in concrete, etc.) but that has nothing to do with them, as we are going to do cantilever concrete edging and we are using a mason to do that. give them a call, i think you will like them.

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Just wanted to add my 2 cents. Ever consider a fiberglass pool? We just installed on in Ocean County NJ and LOVE it. The manufactuer is in NJ and you can go see how they make the pools. A+ all around. I will be posting my pics tomorrow. You can get a fiberglass for right around what your offer was from the pool company. The only thing I see on your list is that the Salt Generator is really high. I bought an AutoPilot for a 40,000 gal pool for a $1000. Cost us a couple hundred for hook up and electrical. If we had decided on vinyl we would have went with Nicholas. We chose waterworldpools.com and their fiberglass pools. Best wishes in whatever you decide.

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Barncorvette said Riverview sent the grump old man not National. Pls tell me what you know about National since you appear to know them quite well?


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In searching for an inground pool years ago, I had the opportunity to talk to alot of pool companies. I searched for both concrete and vinyl, not knowing which would be best for my budget. Most of the larger companies use sub contractors. That actually was a good thing. They were the experts in their respected field. Could you imagine a concrete mason doing a vinyl pool because he owned he company? I did finally decided on doing business with National Pools in Hillsborough in 1989. We put in a beautiful vinyl pool.
Since then, I've moved twice and had pools put in by the same company. The only difference is now my pool is concrete with a raised spa. I would recommend this company to anyone who asks about it based on my experience with them. I've heard all the horror stories from my neighbors about all of the pool companies in they've used.
I hope I don't move anytime soon, but if I do, National will
again be my contractor.

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Hi, tommy281, I too live in Howell. Can you please tell me what pool company you used? Thanks in adavance.

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We used Pooltown in Howell, NJ, had an excellent experience with them. Our neighbors used Pool and Spa in Cranbury and had a nightmare experience. They put the pool 3 feet too close to the home and it took forever to get the final C.O. Another friend used Seasonal World and had a great experience with them.

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We just used Seasonal World in Jackson NJ - good experience. Vinyl Pool with Fox Type Steel X Braces Concrete Bottom 20 X 40 pool plus 10 ft tanning shelf. Concrete around all plumbing work, outside the pool and inside the pool (so under the liner it is concrete not dirt). Not the "cheapest", but finished in a short period and did a very nice quality job - we had a tricky lot (not level) and the grading was done nicely. We had a few very minor issues and they were quick to respond and correct them. If you call them contact Tony (owner) at 609-259-8330 and tell him Jackie from Marlboro recommended them. They also will do a three dimensional plan for you and show you on the computer what your yard and pool can look like before you buy (no charge). Helped us visualize and was a nice feature.

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I used offshore pools out of bricktown around1996or97 can't remember I'll never use them or recommend them to anyone i had inground put in after 3years step started to sink they didnot want to correct issue I developed black stain behind liner could not get rid of that kept coming back no matter what I tried I didnot like job they did at all

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Hi there - Would like to revive this discussion.

We are looking for a pool services for winter closing for the first time for our inground pool. Any recommendations? We are near GSP 131.

Anybody used A1 pools at 732-705-7639? They advertised a lot on Craigslist in Central Jersey.

Thanks in advance for any recommendation!

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I love my pool guy - Gregg's Pool Service 732-625-3722. You have to leave a message (I've never had anyone pick up when I call) and he'll call you back. He's based in Manalapan, but gets around; I'm in Edison near Highland Park and a number of us use him out here. He's great. You can tell him the Smiths in Edison recommended him. Be aware, though, that you have to make these appointments ahead of time - they get very busy during the opening and closing seasons.
You should pay attention to how your pool area does as the autumn moves in. I used to like to keep the pool open into mid-October since sometimes we have a nice Indian summer, and we've got a good heater, but I have so many trees nearby that were dropping their leaves, that keeping the pool clean became just too much of a hassle for the chance that we migh get one more weekend of swimming.

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Visited Pool town yesterday. They recommend an IBEX support system for pool vinyl pool installation. They have a special polymer coated one for use with salt pools. The fall season special puts me at ~$30K with salt water, increased pumps, lighting, resort steps, 3' architectural crete plus an additional poured area 8'x10', colored with overlay coping, Octal pool circulation sysem (8 returns, underwater circulation). Question, how strongly do you feel about the heater in NJ climate? IN other words do you find yourself using it often? I don't for see me and the Missy swimming on cooler days. The kids perhaps but they don't mind a cold pool. They will deduct $3k for the heater and $1200 to run gas which amounts to a lot of money. Not including the utility costs. Or, is it like buying a car without the AC? My 2 neighbors with heaters never use them. One is broke and the other is too cheap he says. Also, do you believe in the salt water system? Lastly, architecturally stamped concrete or take the credit and do paver stones. We just installed a 1,000 sq ft techo bloc patio with builtins, fire table, sitting walls and light piers. This would cost more to do around a pool and I don't mind the look of the color poured textured crete. My concern is the upkeep and risk to cracking. They say the IBEX system will minimize risk due to the anchor system under ground providing some additional stability at surface. Is that nonsense? Would you instead take the credit and up-spend on the paver. My concern is more about the risk of cracking in this climate and not the look. I don't need matchy looks.

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