Bugs & Floor of Screen Porch?

les_baileyOctober 27, 2010

Hello. We're planning a new construction in the Mid-Atlantic region (VA), and plan to have a wonderful screened porch on the back off the family room. Woods & pastures are nearby, so am sure we'll have lots of mosquitoes & such trying to worm their way in.

Plans for the floor specify "composite decking", which make sense as the floor will be maybe 3' off ground level. Never having had the luxury of planning something like this, I'd like to catch any issues in the planning stage of course.

DH and I are wondering - will mosquitoes seek us out and be able to come up under the deck, through the decking board spaces for us? If Yes, and if you have experience with a solution, please share. Just seems like having a floor full of spaces kinda defeats the point of having the screen.

Thanks in advance!

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I really hate mosquitoes !

With out some kind of protection the little dickens will deffentley get in thru the gaps required by composite decking.

The protection could be solid skirting with screen vents installed to provide cross ventalation also required for any decking. J.

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