Pebble Drain Covers Legal?

luvh20June 7, 2011

The company that put my Stonescapes pebble in said they

can't pebble the drain covers because it is illegal,

and they would be liable if anything was to happen to

somebody.We live in California, has anyone heard of this,

or was it just a line of B.S?

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It is Cali... strange stuff going on there. =)

In Texas it's common. My neighbors have the covers pebbled.

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It WAS legal and we did many pebble top drains.

Like many drain covers, the pebble top drains became a victim of the Virginia Grame Baker act, and deemed unsafe.

The drain manufacturers are working on a new pebble top drain that meets the safety standards. But last I checked there were none that passed VGB standards.

So he told you the truth.

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Thanks again kspoolman
The reason I asked is because 3yrs. ago I had another pool done, and they pebbled the drain covers.
So I was kinda not beleiving what I was hearing.
So now I'm stuck with just ugly white covers in my nice
Tropics Blue Stonescapes pool...bummer!!

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can they put in grey or black? We have dark grey and they look much better than a white would with our pebble (caribbean blue). good luck!

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Yeah, get them to put in some grey covers for the time being.

Once the new pebble tops are available you could have them mix up some Stonescapes for you and replace them.

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The white ring inbedded in the plaster will still show. Most likely you will need to live with it. Most plaster crews match the grate and the color without you having to ask or at least the PB should have known better.

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We have black covers for our tahoe blue. Looks fine to me. Better than white for sure.

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Just today a PB in California was telling me about adding a pebble finish to the drain cover that has a slight depression on top to allow for the pebble tec. That sounds different than what you are all experiencing. Has anyone heard of a VGB drain cover that allows for Pebble finish being available now?

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Yes, they are Legal and they look fantastic. They are made by Color Match Pool Fittings. I highly recommend them If you are having any type of pebble finish or tile put in your pool.

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Yes they are legal but only if your pump does not pull more GPM's than what this cover allows. This cover is only rated for 108 GPM for a 10" cover. If your pump has the capacity of being able to pull more than that then you need more than two suction outlets in the pool or spa. Most of the variable speed pumps pull 160 gpm or more.

VGB requires that if one of the two drains gets block the other drain must be able to handle the entire suction of the pump. Although the a lot of municipalities and hydraiulic engineers want the Feet Per Second at 1.5 or less before the T. Most pools do not meet this requirement.

All covers are even rated less if they are put on a wall.

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Not everything in this thread is accurate.

The newest PebbleTop drain covers can work with most VS pumps, but also depending on the suction pipe diameter. Simply broken down, and using their mounting ring and riser ring

8" pebbletop drain with 2" pipe- 112gpm floor and 76gpm wall

8" pebbletop drain with 3" pipe- 144gpm floor and 100gpm wall

10" pebbletop drain with 2" pipe- 156gpm floor and 148gpm wall

10" pebbletop drain with 3" pipe- 180gpm floor and 144gpm wall

I can email the certificate if anyone needs it. We use their newest 10" pebble top drains.

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