Trex Transcend

nykennyOctober 15, 2010

Has anyone used this product? My contractor and others in the area are all using this product. I guess its to early to tell if it will have similar problems as trex has in the past. He also really likes TT XLM. I looked into XLM online and it looks like there is class action suits as well!!! I also have two neighbors who used XLM, and are now experiencing a white fade to there XLM. Thanks

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Never use anything with trex on the lable.


Again. J.

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Have you used Transcend? Or is this just a personal issue you have with trex? How about TT XLM line? I see people on this site use it, but then hear a ton of complaints on other deck forums? I know trex has a bad track record and customer service is poor, but a simple search on TT XLM line reveals alot of problems also. I have yet to find any complaints about transcend, and have seen it in a few new developments, and it looks great. Would you think this way if lets say 10 yrs from now Trex transcend holds up to severe weather, and has no issues? Just trying to figure out why you don't like the transcend line so much? Thanks again

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Knowing its a snake and take it to bed with you anyway, the bite is well deserved.

Use it up my Man,in fact buy twice what you need,in fact recomend it to all your friends. J.

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Real helpful!!! Thanks for the words of wisdom. I guess you have not used this product. You don't give me any facts on why trex transcend is bad. I however could show you hundreds of complaints about TT XLM!!! I still am looking into it because I'm not quite convinced it is all XLM materials that are bad. I could care less about customer service, and warranty's, as this is not a huge deck and I am getting a great deal on these two lines. I just would like some feedback or facts on the transcend line! and why you think its bad,NOT THE COMPANY!!! I hate google, there customer service and company suck. I however advertise and use there services, catch my drift!! Put the company aside for a quick minute and show me some facts on the transcend line.

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Im done with Ya. J.

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You won't get any useful feedback on a product that's so new. Use something that has been around long enough to stand the test of time. Would you buy one of those new electric cars they're now selling? I would rather wait for a few years until they're proven to be a better value than a gas car.

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I have used some of the newer composites that are made with pvc, all have faded much more than I antisapted. However I have not used any of the trex products for many years as I have the same opinion of that company that John does.

I'm working on a project now that I build an entry deck on the same house in 2002. I used what was call Premier then, now Lattitudes. It's not as nice looking as the new composites that are on the market now, but it's the only one I've used that I'd feel safe recommending. It does not fall apart, does not mold & the color stays true.

Anyway you look at it Trex is a gamble, considering their track record if there are problems in the future you can not count on them to stand behind their product, imo.

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Warning about Trex.

We had Trex Brassilla installed in 2007. About a year later we began to notice black mold spots covering the entire deck.
We contacted trex about the problem. They supplied a cleaning kit which got rid of the mold for a month but it also lightened the deck. We have joined the class action lawsuit regarding the mold issue. I would STAY AWAY from any TREX product.

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