Deckskapes waterborne, it rained, now what?

flightriskOctober 5, 2009

Thankfully I only did the rails and upright sections. It rained 4 hours later. I used Sherwin Williams Deckscapes water based semi-transparent cedar. It is pressure treated wood, deck is 5 years old. I cleaned it with oxygen bleach, oxalic acid then rinse, then waited two weeks. The stained parts look milky and there is some obvious running where it looks almost normal in places, but like milky liquid rand down the side. I rubbed my finger in it, and it doesn't smooth out. Not sure what to do now. How can I fix the mess? I covered it with tarps and will wait for the rain to go away. I guess I'll let it dry and see what it looks like, but I would hate to have to completely strip it and do it over again.

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You might try sanding it off once it's dry.

You might also try asking the store you bought it from. They are running all those "Ask Sherwin Williams" commercials, so offer themselves as experts on their products.

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