TWP vs. Woodrich

galanwarnerOctober 7, 2011

I'm curious if anyone has experience with both the TWP 100 Series and Woodrich Wiping Stain on a hardwood like ipe -- things like how long one tends to hold up before needing to be redone, apparent penetration capability, etc.? I realize the Woodrich is quite a bit more expensive to purchase, but I'm wondering, for one, if the longer-term cost of ownership might be less.

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Woodrich is good product.It's almost a twp clone same resin base with a strange mixture that cut the voc without altering the proformance.

The price differance can be explained by stacking up a nation wide Co against a private Co that started from the ground up.

They both have the same qualities your asking about with WR on the up side for the first coat but it takes longer to set up then twp on the recoat. I would use WR if there wasent a twp corp 20 miles from my Shop. Change is Change and Money is Money but what sticks to the Bee is what makes the Honey.

Side Note>> WR has expanded to new buildings,right now they are making some Good Deals on product so they dont have to move them to the new digs. JonMon

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Ah, JonMon, thanks for the feedback. The WR seems to cost about 60% more than the TWP, so I guess I was wondering if there were 60% more value. For instance, if I were able to get the results with one coat of WR vs. two of TWP. But if that's not the case, and if I can get comparable finish results with TWP for 40% less, that helps me make up my mind.

I'll have to look into the potential WR deals you mention, though. Maybe that can make the difference to decide on that instead, if it'll be close in price. You're saying, though, that with WR, I'd have to wait longer before putting on the second coat. Hmm ...

Have you ever used the product Ipe Oil? Any thoughts on that if I were to decide to just go with the color of the wood, and let that work for itself?

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